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My name is Beth but you can call me B. I work in marketing & communications but have a passion for fashion. However, it wasn’t always this way.

After 12 years of wearing a uniform and my sister’s hand-me-downs on the weekends I realized I didn’t have my own style. The first day of college is supposed to be exhilarating but for me it was terrifying. I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR! I soon developed my own style, which I would describe as feminine, classic and sometimes bohemian but always comfortable.
Thrilled for 1st Grade
However, it wasn’t just my style that I was robbed of but a sense of freedom. Growing up with so many rules and restrictions I didn’t learn to think for myself until later in life. I’m finally free to make my own choices about everything. I haven’t always made the right choices, which is why I joke about going to hell. I‘ve learned from my mistakes and have accepted them as a part of my journey. I now live life trying to be a better version of me every day.

In 2013, Haute in Hell was established to inspire others who may have lost their identity due to PTCSD (Post Traumatic Catholic School Disorder). My blog also hopes to inspire those who what to wear the latest trends without breaking the bank. In the end, the most important thing about fashion is to never loose sight of YOU! Take the trends but put YOUR spin on it!

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  1. Hi, B!! How are you? Oh my gosh, your "about me" section is so cute! Very cool! Funny, I can relate to the "PTCSD" thing, I did 12 years of Catholic school, myself!! I should say, though, that I'm coming to a point in my life of being extremely appreciative of my time there, and the nuns, and all those fun restrictions! I haven't made every correct choice in my life, either, but exactly like you said, it truly is a part of the journey, and it helps you grow! God is immensely loving, and forgiving, and the main thing He cares about is that we try - try to be loving, try to sincerely do the "right" thing, try to follow Him - try, try, try! Anywho....I like your definition of your clothing style, too! Simple, but elegant - that's kinda my mantra! Nice, unique, (I found some pretty, otherwise basic , humble Levis that have a dark blue and white stitch pattern to them that's absolutely PERFECT!!!) not cheesey, way-too-tight, overly-blingy, I-wanna-be-14-again jeans, with - just like you said - a bit of bohemian flare, maybe in the top. You could give me alllllmost any color or style paisley-print top, and I would love it! Then, just pick the shoes based on the top - since you can make any shoe fit with any jean, it's the top that dictates what shoe's required, IMHO......!!

    But, hey.....My name's Becky, and I couldn't help jumping in here to reach out to ya, first....well, like I said, i just totally connected with your blog page!!! And I like to work with people I like!

    I found ya just clicking around Stella and Dot stuff onYouTube. I'm in the online / home business niche, myself... My company produces personal development / leadership informational products, and I also help other people build their businesses. But, I'm always open to new opportunities, too, and very curious about what other folks are doing online!!

    On the back end of that, I absolutely LOVE seeing people succeed in their businesses, and being able to help them with that - into the entrepreneurial world from the constraints of the typical 9-5 grind!!!! (It always surprises me that even more people aren't doing it - the reach of the Internet is so unbelievably powerful - and fun, as your blog proves.....!) I'm an airline pilot by trade, so, unfortunately I get to do a lot of people -watching at airports, and it really makes me sad to see so many Americans who just seem to be kinda "blah", as if they've lost their hope for the future, just accepting that they're kinda stuck, forever, wherever they're currently at in life. Ugh! Double ugh. Miserable. I refer you back to what I just said ,above, in parenthesis.....

    Anyway, I'm not sure where you're at with your business - you may be in a great position with the growth you're having now, a ton of traffic flow to your website, good sales numbers, etc, but if not, I think you might really be helped by the system I'm using to grow my business. The whole thing has really opened up an entirely new world for me as far as what's possible! And I wasn't an idiot to start with (some people may beg to differ....!) - but, I just didn't really know the huge extent to which some of these online gurus are thinking waaaaay outside the box with online marketing - Twitter cards, attraction marketing, brilliant pay-per-click FB strategies, retargeting pixels, crazy-awesome stuff I'm using!

    Like I said, though, if you're already in a good position now, and not looking to expand a lot, then YOU might be the one who has something for me!!! (Again, I am always curious as to what other entrepreneurs are doing!) In any case, I'd love to connect, and learn more about where you're at, and what you're doing, and how I might be able to help....!

    Shoot me an email, I look forward to hearing from ya! ��