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Friday, April 17, 2015

Happy FriYAY, everyone! We made it through another week. Spring is finally happening in PA, each week we get warmer temperatures and more sun! I've already got some freckles and some color back in my Casper white skin.

Any exciting plans for the weekend? You know I am definitely going to be at Target on Sunday for the launch of Lilly Pulitzer for Target! I am super excited!! I shop Lilly regular priced, been to many warehouse sales but now to combine two of my favorite brands together is UNREAL! I will probably be doing Snapchat that day so watch out! My username is eakern.
Poshmark App Logo
Alright, so I'm really here to talk about the Poshmark app! Now, I don't usually review apps but this is beyond an app. It's like the best mall you've ever been to! I know everyone loves when I have fashion hauls and I get emails about certain things I wear. I thought this would be a great way to review the app and let you know I have a closet!

I have been using Poshmark since August of 2014. My username is hauteinhell. I've only now just begun using it and selling items quite frequently. In the past I would only put up luxury items but now I sell everything from tops, bottoms, dresses, skirts and handbags.

The app itself is very user friendly. Take a photo of what you're selling, describe it, price it and then list it! The money you make selling your items can be used as credit to buy from other closets or you can cash out. I have only done the cash out option as I usually have something new in mind that I would like to buy.

Some simple tips to making Poshmark a success:

1) Nice Photos: While Poshmark only requires you to have one photo to sell, I find if I post more I have more luck selling it. Most of the clothes I'm selling right now don't fit, so they photos don't always have to be of you wearing it either. If you're not wearing the clothes, switch up the location of where you are photographing so there is some variety. Natural light works best.

2) Comment Back: You'll get a lot of people inquiring about your items. Be sure to answer all their questions the best you can. Also, make sure you answer honestly. If you lie and the buyer gets your product they can reject it and then you won't get paid. If I don't know the answer, I'll try to do research on the product to find the answer.

3) Would You Buy It?: Always ask yourself this question before placing a listing. I see ladies posting bathing suits and sports bras and I have to wonder, would you really buy someone's personal items? I would not. So you'll never find those types of listing in my closet. I also make sure I only post my quality items. If things are worn or have defects I will not sell them. I have a 5 star rating for a reason!

4) Pack With Care: Once you make your first purchase, put some time and thought into packaging it up. Wrap your item(s) in tissue paper to protect the items. Remember how excited you were when you first bought the item? Did you take the item with you on vacation? I always write a little note to my buyer to thank them for purchasing and to let them know a little fun fact about the item they bought. It's the little things that go a long way!

5) Discount: Having sold items to consignment shops before I know about how much items should sell for. I think were people lose out is not discounting their items enough. Yes, I know you want to profit from your item but your buyers also want a good deal. I sold a Tiffany Necklace for $85. I was hoping to make $125 but in the end I was happy with $85 because it was a gift, so any price was a profit.

6) Bundle: I list all my items separately but I also sell more when I have one buyer who is interested in multiple items. When that happens, I bundle! I create a special listing with all the items they want, discount the price for bundling (max 25% off) and list it for them by tagging the buyer. Make sure to go back and delete the individual listings so you don't have someone else trying to buy items you already sold!

Some of my items for sale now:

Michael Kors 'Desert' Satchel

Pins & Needles Floral Romper

7 for all Mankind Jeans

NWT Lilly Pulitzer Posey Dress

I have a bunch more items that were hardly worn up for sale! I am always open to negotiations! Can't wait for you to shop from my closet!

Have a great weekend everyone! Be sure to be on the lookout for a Lilly Pulitzer at Target haul in the future! If I can't get my hands on any Lilly there will be a random spring/summer haul to look forward to as well!

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