Rave & Review: Vitacost Haul #4 - Gluten Free Edition

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hey friends! Happy SUNNY, Tuesday! Anytime it's sunny out I take full advantage of it. This morning I went for a run/walk. My knee has been acting up so I haven't been able to run as much as I'd like to but I'm still trying to keep active. Then I even laid out in the sun until it got a little to cloudy and with the wind I got a little cold.

Good thing for you that the clouds came out because now I have no excuse not to blog! I have a video of my latest Vitacost haul! This haul was not planned to be gluten-free but it wound up being that way so it was pretty cool.
I do not have Celiac Disease however I am sensitive to gluten. I've always had issues with my stomach since high school. My senior year I missed over 30 days of school because of my stomach issues. I've been on and off enzymes so help me digest food better, antacids to help with acid reflux and the list goes on.

I do still eat gluten products like wraps or Food for Life English muffins but prefer to eat gluten-free when I can. My tummy just thanks me for it. Shall we get into the haul?

Alright, let's roll the film so you can find out the products I ordered and then I'll go through each one with a little bit more review information!

Obviously, I don't just eat flaxseed straight out of the bag. As I mentioned in the video it makes a great topping on yogurt or mixed in smoothies. My primary use for flaxseed is adding it to Protein Pancakes/Waffles for added fiber. There is no flavor to flaxseed so it's really undetectable in the food but it's so beneficial to your diet that it's worth adding it. I love that Bob's Red Mill offers a gluten-free and organic version too!

Ummm to say these chips changed my life might be a little dramatic but they are so good. These chips are like Doritos on steroids! The flavor hits you from when you open the bag and get a whiff to when you place the first chip on your tongue. If you don't like spicy, DO NOT get these chips. You won't be able to love them like they should be loved. I can eat these chips alone or I like to eat them with fresh pico de gallo. Let's not forget that the nutrients are so much better than Doritos as well. They are made with sprouted grains, seeds and beans to make one delicious gluten-free chip!

I have yet to attack this second box yet! They are so good I am trying to savor them! Again, these "crackers" are amazing on their own but adding nut butter to them only enhances their awesome-ness! If you're not a fan of nuts, I strongly urge you to just try these because you honestly wouldn't know you were eating nuts at all. The only drawback is that reaching into the bag and picking up a handful leaves you with cinnamon hands. It's just not a snack to eat in bed because the cinnamon will be everyone. Listen to me, I'm speaking from experience!

I am a big fan of Shark Tank so it's no surprise that when they put a peanut butter company on the show I am going to try it. Peanut butter is already a good source of protein and contains healthy fats our bodies need. Amp up the protein contents by adding protein powder and it's a win-win. I have to say that I love the flavors like Toffee Crunch and Pumpkin Spice but the original still gets the job done. Believe me when I say you wouldn't know there was protein powder in it so if you're skeptical because of that, you'll be shocked when you try it. It's so smooth and no weird taste!

I am on a coconut binge when it comes to my beauty products lately. The funny thing is I used to be so appalled by the smell or taste of coconut. Funny how things change. I haven't used this body wash yet because I'm still using another coconut body wash. However, what I forgot to do in the video was smell it. I smelled it now and it's amazing! It awoke my senses and now I can't wait to use this. I already know by the smell alone it's going to be better than the current brand I am using. Now that I've been out in the sun already my skin can use some nourishing.

This cereal is amazing. They are basically the same shape as Cheerios but pack way more flavor. Since they are gluten-free they are also more crunchier and airy. I've had all the flavors and there isn't one that I don't love or recommend. As soon as you open the bag you're hit the scent of cinnamon, almond or vanilla. The smell gets translated into flavor from the moment you put them on your tongue too. I love the fact that these come in individual bags because it makes for easy on the go breakfasts. I like to add blueberries to mine for a complete breakfast.

I got the plain pretzels in another haul. They were great and I love to dip them in hummus but when I say the cinnamon kind I knew I had to give them a try. Well you can't go wrong with these. I've only eaten then on their own but my mind is already thinking about dipping them in some nut butter! I can't help myself! These a perfect morning, afternoon or late night snack that won't make you feel guilty at all.

This was a new product for me to try this time around. I enjoyed the almond flavor but some of the puffs were on the salty side. I checked the nutrition label and was surprised by the sodium content. I don't think I will repurchase these because of that. I do not care for salty things and to me this should have been more of a sweet not salty treat. When I filmed the video I wasn't sure if theses should be a snack or a cereal. Having had them now I would say they would fit more into the snack category. They are bigger puffs then I imagined and I don't think I would care for the saltiness during breakfast.

That's all of the gluten-free products I have for you! If you'd like to receive $10 off your first Vitacost purchase just click here!  I hope you enjoyed this haul! If you did make sure you let me know so that I can make more of these video/blog posts! Enjoy the rest of the week and make the best of it!

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