#FridayFingers: Essie Spring 2015 - Blossom Dandy

Friday, April 3, 2015

Hey friends! I don't know about you but I am more excited than ever for the weekend. No, not because of the Easter holiday. My family doesn't have plans to celebrate the holiday.
It's because my NYU spring course is over and I can finish reading Girl on the Train and get back to binge watching on Netflix. That's truly my favorite kind of weekend. Yeah sure, I love going out with friends and traveling but sometimes you just need an all about me weekend.

To kick-off my all about me weekend I started with a manicure. Sadly, I gave myself the manicure but my nails still look beautiful in this new spring color from essie.
I'm wearing the color blossom dandy. Its a stunning mix of bright blue and mint green, making the perfect robin's egg shade. It looks pale in the bottle but after applying two coats the polish became more vibrant. I love the essie formula as the application process is effortless.

As you know, I own quite a bit of nail polish. For comparisons I'd say it's more blue than turquoise & caicos and slightly bluer than mint candy apple. At a quick glance it is very similar to mint candy apple but in the end has subtle differences. Sometimes photos don't do it justice so I'll consider making a video comparing swatches on my fingernails.
I am a big fan of the teal shade as it reminds me of Tiffany & Co. A brand I fell in love with when I started developing my own style after attending private school. Sure I was unoriginal and bought a return to Tiffany tag bracelet but from then on I really expanding my collection to reflect my own style.

Would you like me to showcase more colors from the essie Spring collection? Comment below with the color you'd like to see and it might be featured on the next #FridayFingers! Don't forget to share your weekend nails by using #FridayFingers on social media!

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