Must Haves: Winter Beauty Edition

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Hey friends! I'm sorry I've not been posting regularly. I've had a lot of stress in my life the last couple of weeks and that really made me feel like doing...NOTHING. I've eliminated some of the stress from my life and feel a little better.

Now, I'm enrolled in my second last class at NYU before earning a certificate in Integrated Communications! I usually don't have time to blog when class is in session but since this class is all about establishing yourself personally and professionally online. I'm actually using this blog as a project for the class! WOO-HOO!
Alright now onto the real reason you came here, my winter beauty recommendations! Let's begin...

  • Hair Mask
People forget to protect their hair when it comes to weather. I'm guilty of it sometimes, too! The cold weather can make your hair frizzy, weak and dry. Help reduce dryness by using a hair mask once a week or every other week depending on how your hair reacts to the cold. I am a huge fan of the Moroccan Oil hair mask. I put it all over my hair and let it sit for 20-25 minutes and then wash it out. My hair is instantly smooth, soft and shiny! Problem solved!

BONUS: I also highly recommend using a heat spray (year-round) but especially in the winter time when flat irons and curling irons can add to the damage.

  • Face Cream
In the winter, my face is drier than the Sahara desert. I usually use a moisturizer with salicylic acid in it to help control any breakouts. However, I shy away from that moisturizer in the winter because of how dry the acid makes my skin. In the winter, I look for a day cream (smells like cucumbers) with thick consistency so that I get good coverage that will last a long time. In the evenings I use a night cream so that I am constantly keeping my face protected.

BONUS: One of my biggest pet peeves is when women walk around with their foundation flaking because of their dry skin. I'm not big into wearing foundation but when I do I ALWAYS use a tinted moisturizer because again, adding liquid to my face and not drying it out.

  • Body Lotion
It's important to keep your body just as moisturized as your face! No body likes having ashy skin in the winter. Please, I'm pale enough I don't need the ashy skin to make me look even ghostly. I love using natural products when I can. I've worked really hard at converting the majority of my bath products over. With that said I'm currently in love with this moisturizer. The smell alone is enough to win me over but the non-greasy formula is a winning combination.

BONUS: No matter the lotion you love make sure that your winter lotion has water or aqua listed at the first ingredient. That means that the lotion will be highly effective at adding moisture to your scaly skin. Also, using a lotion with SPF doesn't hurt. It can help cut the wind and sun damage you can get in the winter.

  • Lip Balm
Does anyone liked chapped lips? I didn't think so. I for one start picking my chapped lips when I'm stressed only making it worse and more painful. I always have a lip balm in the car, my purse and next to my bedside table that way I'm covered anytime I need some instant relief.

BONUS: Are your lips beyond the help of chapstick or lip balm? Do what I do. Remove the flaking pieces gently with a lip scrub. After using the scrub soothe your lips with a thin layer of your favorite balm and remember to keep applying the balm after eating and drinking.

  • Scrubs
Speaking of scrubs, there is nothing better than doing a full body scrub in the winter. Not only can your skin get ashy but it can even start to crack or get scales. In the shower, use a body scrub to exfoliate all of the dead skin away. I do this about once a week. Once you establish this as part of your shower routine you'll be amazed at the beautiful skin you'll have in just a few weeks. Not only will it look great but it will feel incredibly soft! It's very important to moisturize your skin after you scrub!

BONUS: Feet need love too. If your face and body can have scrubs, so can your feet! My favorite type of scrub is an oil or gel-based scrub with some type of bead to really help get the dead skin off. I hate feet but I can't deny how amazing they feel after a good scrub.

I hope you found these tips helpful and found some new products to try this winter. Hang in there, we are almost ready to celebrate the arrival of spring! Did I miss something you is a must-have to you in the winter? Tell me below or tweet me using the #hauteinhell ! Have a great day and I'll see you next time!

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