Rave & Review: Sephora Collection Face Mask

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hey friends! I thought the weekend would never get here. Talk about being spoiled the last two weeks with half days and days off for the holiday. It's always rough to get back into the swing of the real world. Which is why I needed a little mid-week R&R. Lucky for me I found a quick, easy and inexpensive way to do just that! Meet the Sephora Collection Face Mask!

I love a good face mask at home. I have been using my Glam Glow because I know it really sucks everything out of my pores but it can be a real pain in the ass to scrub off. I was in the market for a mask that is easy to apply and easy to remove for really quick during the week relaxation. Well Sephora had the answer to my prayers with these throw-away face masks!

At only $6 a piece I decided to pick up three! The green tea mask was the first one I tried. The cute, brightly colored packaging explained that his mask was great for mattifying and anti-blemish. I went for this mask first because at the time I was having a lot of breakouts.

I opened the packaging to discover a pouch with a sealed mask waiting for me. I opened the pouch to reveal a folded up wet mask. Be care unfolding the product as it is very thin and delicate. I successfully unfolded the mask without any tears and aligned the eyes, nose and mouth holes to my face. I found the mask to be a bit larger so I folded the ends over when needed.

I relaxed in bed while watching TV as I sat with the mask on for 20 minutes. Even though the mask was pretty wet I didn't have drips of liquid rolling down my face or into my eyes or dripping on my clothes.
After 20 minutes was up I went to the skin to remove my mask and instead of washing off the left over residue you actually just rub it into your skin to be absorbed. Genius! My skin felt very moisturized since I actually got to rub the product into my skin instead of washing it away. I also get very dry after the Glam Glow mask.

The only complaint I have is I'm not sure it did anything immediately to my blemishes. Although, it didn't make any claims that it would reduce the current blemishes so I can't fault the product. I do however, believe it helped prevent because I can happily report that I have been getting less and less blemishes with regular once a week treatments!

In case you were wondering I have also purchased the pomegranate (anti-fatigue and energizing), Pearl (perfecting and brightening) and honey (nourishing and balancing). I've also bought the Rose (moisturizing and brightening) for my sister as one of her birthday presents.

Like I said, it's a great mask for during the week because it is completely low maintenance. It's inexpensive for a nice weekly treat and it's effective. I hope you take my advice and try this mask out for yourself! Let me know which kind you decide to try! Comment below of follow me on social media!

I'll see everyone next weekend where I'll be doing an un-boxing of my fourth Stitch Fix!

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