My Fourth Stitch Fix!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

HELLOOOOOOO there!! Sorry I missed you last weekend but it was my B-DAY last week and I went into NYC to meet up with my bestest bestie! I know you're probably thinking we hit the town going club hopping but in reality we went to the American Museum of Natural History. But honestly, it was the most fun I'd had in a long time. For only $28 (oddly, the same number as my age) we saw three movies and went to this amazing butterfly conservatory and then of course there is the rest of the permanent exhibits to look at too!
 Alright but let's get down to the goods. If you just found this blog and you're like what's a Stitch Fix? Stop wondering and click the link and check it out. Or you can also reference my previous fixes here: first, second and third. You can use Stitch Fix as frequently as you like. You'll notice some bloggers have monthly reviews or you can gets fixes randomly like me. I like to go for one every time the season changes or I have something special coming up.

This fix was all about stocking up for the winter and I also told them it was my [Next word is to be said like Oprah when she tells everyone they get a new car] BIIIIIIRRRRTHHHHDAYYYYYYYYY!! I asked for anything to keep me warm as I am always freezing. I said I love leggings and chunky knits or something to that degree. I also ALWAYS tell my Stylist to look at my Pinterest board.
Usually, when I get the email that my Stitch Fix has shipped I go into creeper mode and go to the check out portion of the site and copy and paste the names and Google them. The majority of the time I can find other bloggers who have received the same items. It's still a surprise when I get my box because you never know what color of the item you go. However, this time I was busy that I didn't creep! In honor of not creeping I did a YouTube video of my unboxing of the Stitch Fix:

As promised here are the styled looks and I'll let you know if I kept it or sent it back! Enjoy!

Lemon Tart Pax Cable Knit Raglan Sweater - Small - $68
This is your typical cable knit sweater, which is great for layering on those extra cold days. The color is off-white and so it goes with everything in my closet. I have already worn this at work and styled it for the day out in NYC! It's versatile but I did comment back to my stylist that it was a little on the boring side. Needless to say, I kept this item for it's classic appeal and versatility.

RD Style Analisa Twisted Seam Mixed Knit Sweater - Small - $68
This sweater is awesome. The stitch is loose you think it's going to be a drafty sweater but the weight of the sweater does keep you warm. When I first took it out of the box, I didn't even notice the sides were different until a little later. This look great with jeans or leggings. Although it is a high low sweater be aware that this will not cover your butt. I did keep this sweater, no hesitations!

Collective Concepts Barretto Lace Detail Floral Print Blouse - Small - $34
I love the color of this blouse. I love to wear blue to brighten my eyes but the floral print was so in your face. I tend to gravitate to smaller floral prints. I tried it on before to see if I liked it any better on. It was a little on the big side and I wasn't crazy about the print. I did really like the lace detail and felt it looked better with the blazer on. I did keep the top, but I gave it to my Mom!

Moon Collection Bailee Cowl Neck Knit Poncho - Small - $58
I am a poncho-holic! There is just something so fashionable yet comfortable about the poncho. I knew this was a keeper from the moment I took it out of the box! I loved the cranberry color as I think it suits my hair and skin tone and it something different as my closet mostly consists of black and white. The cowl neck is a great detail as well as the basket weave knit. Another fun detail are the two big buttons on either side to create the arm holes. I kept this and wore it to work one day with a white button-down underneath. I plan to wear this a lot with leggings too for a more casual look on the weekends.

Kut From The Kloth Danny 5-Pocket Knit Pant - Small - $68
I asked for leggings but instead I got my first pair of jeggings! I had never tried jeggings before because lately I am not a big fan of jeans. I find them really uncomfortable and would much rather wear stretchy cotton leggings. These are the perfect combination! Made from soft cloth but look like jeans, genius. I have worn these to work as well because of their knit pant texture. I just make sure whatever I'm wearing on top cover the backside because there are large jean-like pockets. The black goes with everything so I kept them! I even went online to find more of the same style, that's how much I love these pants.

So if you're doing the math... I kept everything! When you keep all the items in your Stitch Fix you get 25% off your purchase. The final bill for all five items was: $207.00 (Don't forget to take $20 off for the styling fee reimbursement!). I feel that is extremely reasonable considering the thick, quality sweaters and nice pair of leggings I received. I am extremely satisfied with Stitch Fix the last two times. My stylist, Katie, is the BEST!

That's all for this Stitch Fix! I have my next one schedule for April for some nice Spring/Summer clothes. Don't forget to leave your comments below or chat with me on my social media outlets! I love hearing from my readers! What do you guys think of the new setup for my YouTube video? Talk soon!

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