My Style: One Big A$$ Target Haul

Saturday, December 6, 2014

I started my new job this week!! I'm very excited for the opportunity because I am following my passion of marketing. I started taking classes at NYU not knowing if I'd like it. Only to find that I love it! In marketing, no two days are the same which is a refreshing change from my old job! I applied for my degree candidacy (only 2 more classes to go!!) a few weeks ago and will register for my fourth class any day now! Who would have thought all these great things were lining up for me?

Ok, enough of the jibber jabber. Let's get on with this Target haul! I have been hoarding things for months so I apologize if some of the items are no longer available. I've been so thrilled with the selection at Target during this season. I love all of the trendy long sleeve tops and even dresses. Soon it will be time to buy some nice thick sweaters.
Cutest cat in America, right?
Speaking of sweaters... even my cat, Lucifer, got something out of this Target haul! I found pet sweaters in the Dollar Spot at Target! Best part is a portion of the proceeds went to the ASPCA! How freakin' cute is he?

This dress is gorgeous. The cream color is beautiful and not typically a color I think to wear in the fall but I like that. My skin is hanging on to the last bit of summer color and it doesn't wash me out like I would have thought. Since this is a juniors brand I bought a size small. The cap sleeves I thought would be annoying but I really think they make the dress. The quilted bottom keeps the dress on trend for the mix of textures. It's an A-line fit which is flattering on all shapes and sizes. The black waist band is also complementary to the waistline. This dress is timeless and super soft...pick it up before it's gone!

I'm not typically into wearing the color red. I just don't feel that it complements my features but I said screw it and bought it anyway. The print is what sold me. I really liked the poppy like flowers all over the dress. It's a fun play on polka dots. It's also refreshing to see a long sleeve dress that isn't a sweater dress. The long sleeves are perfect for me because I'm always cold. I wear this with thicker tights and I'm good to go, even for the winter! The belted waist is perfect for cinching your waist line and showing off your curves. I got an XS and it fit perfectly. This dress is a winner!

I'm normally not a fan of stripes but this dress was unique I had to add it to my closet. I love navy any time of the year. The stripes are fun how they go in all sorts of direction. I also really liked how at the top of the sleeves it's all navy with no stripes. This dress will make people take a second look. The fall is a busy time for me when I was working at the high school. I had a couple of information sessions and this dress was perfect to wear. It's professional but also very comfortable. I didn't feel restricted at all. I layered it with a blazer as the weather was cool the day I wore it. I am wearing an XS.

This sweater has become my go to! I am always cold and even thought this a thin sweater it's perfect for layering over long sleeve t-shirts as well as thin sweaters. It's on trend with the cocoon look, and leather trim. The sleeves are dolman and have 3/4 long sleeves. It's perfect to pair with leggings as it's long enough to cover your bum. I love to wear it with my faux leather leggings from Threadlust. I even wear it around the house with yoga pants as an alternative to a sweatshirt. I ordered an XS as it is an over sized style sweater. I thought I might have been swimming in the small.

I absolutely love THERMAL! When I saw this thermal long sleeve crew neck I knew it was coming home with me. The oatmeal heather style has adorable foxes all over it. It's thermal so it's warm but it's also a good weight, not too thin but not too thick. It's cute for a casual weekend look but I've even worn it to bed when sleep shorts! I could also see myself layering it under a flannel shirt in the future as the temperatures start to drop. It is a juniors brand so I got myself a size small.

This top caught my eye because of the color. I don't own a lot of purple in my closet. I have nothing against it I just don't really gravitate to it. However, this deep plum was just calling my name. I think that jewel tone colors are universally flattering. I like the see through crochet detail on the sleeves and towards the bottom of the blouse. I could easily see myself wearing this on the weekends for dinner with friends but also pairing this with a nice skirt or dress pants for work. It transitions very well. I'm not sure I agree with target on it being a tunic though. Don't be fooled, it's not that long. When I bought this blouse I had a cartwheel coupon and it was even cheaper. Even thought its a juniors brand I got the XS because in blouses I can get away with the smaller size.
This blouse is on trend with the cutouts in the front AND the back as well as the texture. The texture is all over and feel bumpy to the touch. I love how the long sleeves have elastic so they really fit your wrist and balloon out. The shirt is very loose and free flowing. I have worn this blouse to work with dress pants and a blazer but I've also worn it out with black jeans and boots for a simple but put together look. Again, even though it is a juniors brand the fit of the XS is perfect. People won't believe you when you say you bought it at Target. Best part, it's still machine washable!

I know I am beginning to sound redundant with the cream and texture but I can't help myself! This blouse caught my eye because of the chevron pattern but then for the texture. It's a sheer style so I'll have to wear a camisole underneath to work. I think I'm past the age of wearing just a bra underneath a sheer blouse so I'll probably wear a camisole underneath it for weekends too. I thought this would be great on it's own for work with a skirt/dress pants and blazer combo or even layered underneath a thin sweater.
I had a big event to attend for my high school admissions job two weeks ago. I guess you could say it's like the Emmy's of admissions and advancement directors. I was up for an award (I won!!) so I wanted to look my best. I decided to be a rebel and wear a LOFT jumpsuit I had bought back in August. It's so classy and trendy but it's rather plain being that it's just black and white. I bought this necklace to liven up the jumpsuit and give me that "wow" factor. It complimented the jumpsuit perfectly and best of all it's super lightweight and was comfortable to wear. You can't beat the price point either although I got it even cheaper because I had a coupon from the cartwheel app.

I found these simple but stunning studs to compliment the statement necklace above for my big night. They had a pair of drop earrings that I think were really meant to match the necklace above but I just wasn't feel like wearing dangly earrings. I also knew I would get more wear out of the studs because I typically don't wear long earrings to work. The think above take you to a light green shade in silver plating. I could not find the Pink/Gold plating version I bought online. I also received a discount on these earrings with the cartwheel app. The best part about these earrings are they are so shiny and catch your attention due to the Swarovski elements.

OK I saw this sweater at one of the nearby Targets and put it in my cart and then I put it back. A couple weeks later I end up at Target wasting time before an appointment (bad idea people...I didn't need ANYTHING but I came out with two bags) and bought this. The reason I bought it the second time was that I found it in a v-neck style and this time it had hidden pockets! Faux fur + Pockets + V-neck = these are a few of my favorite things!! I do not regret buying this at all! I've worn this around the house with leggings, out with jeans and even to work with a nice button down peaking out. I love the length because it's just long enough to cover your butt wearing leggings but not too long to wear with work pants. Because it's a juniors top I bought it in a small. The XS fit but it was snug, I like the more relaxed fit of the small and it makes it easier to layer underneath.

I was curious about the new TOMS for Target collection. I didn't go to Target the day the collection was released because I had a work event. However, everything was still in stock by the time I got to Target after work on Monday. I do not own a pair of TOMS because I don't think they are the cutest shoe. I ditched the idea of owning a pair of shoes and noticed this shirt hanging nearby. I love arrows because they symbolize everything from protection to peace to friendship and even war according to the Native Americans. I loved that the arrows have metallic material that catches the light and that the back of the shirt is stripes! However, the best part of all is that my $16 spent on this shirt helped feed Americans in need for one week and that is AWESOME!

That is it from my big ass Target haul! I hope you enjoyed looking at everything. Let me know below if I've inspired you to make some purchases of your own! Let me know what you like the best from this haul or anything you'd like to see more of on Haute in Hell! Have a great time and I'll see you next time for some more fun and fashion!

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