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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Hey Friends! I know I have been MIA! Busy, busy with work and school. I only have a couple weeks left of my online class through NYU so I use every second I'm not working on my business plan for Revlon nail enamel! I am so glad I listened to the professor and chose something I love because it makes all the research fun. Sorta of...

Anyway, if you follow me on Twitter, you know I am hosting a Stella & Dot Trunk Show!! Hosting a Stella & Dot Trunk Show has become and annual event. I'm actually on my third one and it's always the same weekend, right after Thanksgiving! It gives my friends and family the time to shop for Christmas gifts to treat themselves! Obviously, we all live all over and you all can't come to my house so I created an online Trunk Show so you can get in the fun too! Shop with me by using this link!

If you've never shopped with Stella & Dot, you're missing out, but you can check out all of the amazing jewelry pieces I own here and here. If by the end you want more information on hosting you're own Trunk Show this blog post is for you! That last blog post I linked is easily one of my most read posts!

I decided I would post a few items from my Stella & Dot wish list for my upcoming Trunk Show! I know there will be even more new arrivals coming with the holiday so this list will grow I'm sure.

Westwood Metallic Trellis Scarf
 Every year I buy a scarf from Stella & Dot. Their scarves are easily my favorite because of how soft they are but also the length. The length of the scarf allows for versatile looks and just adds more warmth with more material piled around you neck! I love the shimmer this scarf has and the creamy gold is something that will go with a lot of LBDs for the holidays! I am very excited to get my hands on this!

Strength Bracelet
 I knew this bracelet was going on my wishlist the moment I saw it. My family has a thing for elephants. I believe it all started with my Mom's grandmother. She would collect elephant figurines. My mom was lucky enough to get one, her name is LuLu. I've always loved LuLu, I can't explain it but recently I have been wanting to start a collection of my own. My first elephant piece is a necklace from j.crew and this will be my second! Also, breast cancer hit my family pretty hard last year and so I am a softy when anything says they donate money back to breast cancer research.

Pavé Chevron Ring - Gold
 I need to get on the chevron band wagon and I think this ring is the perfect way to do that! My last party I finally went ahead and purchased two rings. I'm always worried about purchasing rings that I can't try on (my stylist did have the ones I wanted in her collection) but since Stella & Dot is great about returns I said why not! I purchased the rings in the size 5 and they fit great! I was very impressed. I love how these rings look like three separate rings but they are all attached! The best part, you don't have to worry about these rings turning your fingers green. Stella & Dot is a quality product.

Pavé Chevron Necklace
 This beautiful layer necklace goes with the ring I just showed you. I don't normally go for a matching set but this is too good to pass up. I love the delicate features of the tiny chevron charms are they hang. With all Stella & Dot necklaces this one adjusts from a 17 inch to 19 inch. This is sure to be something I'll get a lot of compliments when I wear it! It gets better though! You can wear all three chains together, just two chains or even just one solitaire. The options are endless. Why have you not bought this already?? You're getting three necklaces for a steal!

Déjà Vu Double-Sided Studs
 I am addicted to stud earrings. Don't get me wrong I love the attention I get from wearing long, dangly earrings that complete a look. But there is something so classic and chic about wearing a pair of studs. Anyway, I can never have enough so these have caught my attention! They come in both silver and gold but I think this time I'll go with silver. These are going to look great at the gym, at work or out with friends! A little bling goes a long way as I like to say!

Wishing Bracelet - Arrow
 The arrow is one of Stella & Dots favorite icons to use in the jewelry. Their best seller is the On the Mark necklace that comes in silver and gold. I own the necklace so I am very interested in this very dainty arrow bracelet. Yellow is also my favorite color, so it's a win-win! I have a bunch of Stella & Dot friendship tie bracelets. They are great for layering because they are so lightweight and move easily with the other bracelets you pair with it. The friendship bracelets are always priced very reasonably so they make great gifts too!

Helena Necklace
 Also, every year I add a new statement necklace (or two) to my collection. I love this necklace because it is so different with the slider chain. Most of the the Stella & Dot necklaces are links so this is a completely different direction for them. I also love the warm pinks with the gold. This is going to get a lot of use between work and play! It might be on the higher end but remember, if you host your own Trunk Show you can reap the benefits and get yours for 50% off!

Stella & Dot also have a new line of engravables so you can customize what you want on it. I think I'll order one of those as well! But talk about a great personal gift to give someone at Christmas time! I hope you enjoyed my wishlist and that you'll shop my party! If you do purchase something make sure you use #hauteinhell so I can see how you wear it! I'll see you next time!

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