Friday Fingers!: Revlon Nail Enamel - Teak Rose

Friday, September 19, 2014

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Was it just me or did this week seem to drag on? Anyway, it's the weekend and tomorrow will be another Saturday for me to do homework. It's always work, work, work for me. But this time in class we are working on research for our big project.

For the project, we have to pick a publicly traded company and pick one line of their products (if they have multiple product lines). She also suggested to make the research easy and fun to pick something you like. Well we all know I LOVE food but a lot of the products I love come from companies who are not public. Then I thought about another love of mine, NAIL POLISH!

My favorite brands are not public companies so I decided on Revlon. Since Revlon makes different kinds of nail polish I had to narrow down and decided to go with their original formula, nail enamel. I don't know any nail polish from Revlon so it was time to do some "research."

I went to Target and looked at my options of nail enamel and landed upon this gorgeous color called Teak Rose. It looked so perfect for fall in the bottle. I took it home and immediately put it on my toes and was very pleased with the formula. Not streaky at all, very easy to apply.

The next day (Monday) I decided to paint my finger nails. Same easy application for my fingers. It's now Friday and I have minimal chips. This polish lasts longer than any essie or OPI color I own (which I own a lot). For only $4.29 I think I better do some more "research." Very pleased with this product and would recommend the Revlon brand of nail enamel to anyone!

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