2014 Fall Fashion Haul: Kohls, Old Navy & More!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

I can't believe we are officially in fall now! Where does the time go? Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. The temperature is just right with the warm sun and a cool breeze. Time to pull out the leggings and riding boots! This haul is eclectic as I had coupons for some stores and I do like to add variety to my closet (I know it doesn't seem like it with all the Target and LOFT hauls). A lot of these outfits were worn prior to the first day of Fall but I still consider the clothing transitional or fall appropriate!

Let's get started!
Women's Stretch Pencil Skirt
I typically don't shop at Old Navy unless I have coupons. I just feel that the quality of clothing isn't great and why spend money if it only last me a season or two at most. I actually found the elastic waist pencil skirt first. These skirts are my new addiction and I currently own three of them (from various stores). They just fit me so well since they are stretchy material and are extremely comfortable and not as restricting as you'd think. I picked the skirt in bright red as I wanted something a little bold. I am wearing a XS and it fits perfectly.

Women's Patterned Sleeveless Shirt
Next, while I am pairing this outfit with a sleeveless blouse I know I will pair it with sweaters and long sleeve blouses to transition into fall. I found this blue and white striped blouse and thought it would look perfect with the bright red. I mean, you can't go wrong with a classic red, white and blue outfit! The blouse is comfortable and I can easily see myself wearing it underneath a blazer for fall. I am wearing a XS for reference.

Modern Skinny Corduroy Pants
I am in desperate need of pants. Because I am a new size than I was last year, all my fall/winter work pants are too big. I went to the LOFT to stock up but they didn't have any of the work pants I like in stock right now. I settled for this pair of cords. I LOVE cords for fall. They are comfortable, I can wear them to work and they are a great alternative to jeans for the weekends. These are the modern skinny so they fit snug all over and are great to tuck into boots! I was first drawn to the black pair until I saw how much lint it was attracting just hanging on the hanger. I decided to go with another neutral, tan. These pants fit true to size, I am wearing a 00.

Two-In-One Shirt
The top is a sweatshirt material, also very comfortable, with a tunic style length. It also has a faux button down chambray peaking out of the bottom and at the sleeves. I don't know what's gotten into me but I am starting to wear more stripes! Look out, I'm trying new things. This top comes in other combinations, too. My mom even got one! The top is rather loose fitting so I would have preferred and XXS but I don't think they make it in that size so I settled for the XS.

Mixed-Media Sweater - Heather Cream
I can't even tell you the last time I stepped foot in Kohls to buy clothing. When I shop at Kohls it's mostly for kitchen gadgets or for serving dishes/platters for entertaining friends. I have been sent multiple $10 off coupons in the mail and decided I would check out what Lauren Conrad is selling at Kohls. I was pleasantly surprised by the selection offered in store and picked up this fun top. I don't own anything like it. I love how it looks like a plain old t-shirt in the front but then the back opens to expose a chiffon layer. The top is on the see-through side so if I plan to wear it to work I will layer a camisole underneath. It's described as a sweater but it is not heavy or bulky and wears more like a t-shirt. I am wearing a XS.

Mixed-Media Sweater - Black

Again, Kohls is also calling this top a sweater but it is far too thin to be lumped in the sweater category. I would say it's more of a t-shirt style again. I absolutely feel in love with this top when I tired it on in store. This top comes in may colors but I found the black to be versatile for work as well as weekends. The sleeves and upper portion of the "sweater" are lace. For work, I had to layer a camisole underneath so I wasn't exposing so much skin. However, on the weekends, I will wear without a tank top to have more of the lace exposed. The "sweater" fits true to size, I am wearing a XS. It is longer in length and more of a tunic style.
Pleated Circle Skirt (pictured above)
I've seen this style skirt on various websites like jane.com but have never felt confident in purchasing from them. So when I saw this skirt at Target I pounced on it! This skirt is very stiff, so stiff in fact that it can stand on its own! I love the bold stripes and texture of the skirt. It's also very fun to wear with the pleats and the way it poufs out. I paired it with the black Kohls "sweater" for a nice work outfit. I've also paired it with a button down chambray shirt for another work appropriate outfit. The skirt has an elastic waist and I am wearing a Small as it's from Target's juniors line, Xhilaration.

Short Sleeve Crochet Top
I saw this top the same day I bought the circle skirt and new I had to pick it up before it sold out. The crochet top also comes in sleeveless but I opted for the short sleeves to again transition into the cooler fall temps. These pictures don't do the top justice as the sun was so bright that the crochet pattern on the top isn't showing up. Feel free to visit the link above to get a better view from Target's website. The top fits loose and is sheer so you must wear a camisole or bandeau underneath. I paired this cream top with my camo pants from the LOFT, as seen in this haul. This top is actually XS/S and is also from the brand Xhilaration.

Faux Leather Leggings
I have been in the market for faux leather leggings for a long time. When I saw these on Threadlust at such a low price I figured why not! Well, it turns out I should have shopped around. The stretch is good but they show everything so go with a seamless undergarment. My biggest complaint is that these go up so high! I am 5'6" and consider myself to be of average height and these leggings come up way past my belly button. I can only imagine how high they would come up on someone much shorter than me. I am wearing a size Small. I thought about returning them but I wouldn't get my shipping back, the charge you a restocking fee AND you have to pay to ship them back so I decided to keep them because it just wasn't worth sending them back. Had there been a more detailed discretion of how high these leggings come up I would have never purchased. Due to this negative experience, I am not sure I will repurchase from Threadlust.
I hope you have been inspired to expand your own fall wardrobe! If anyone wants to share the link to their hauls for fall fashion be sure to post them in the comments below or use the #hauteinhell on social media! I'd love to see what trends people are buying into this fall! Remember, you can always shop my closet on Poshmark as well!

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