My Second Stitch Fix!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Hey everyone! Long time no post, I know! My life has been rather hectic at work and I just finished taking a summer session class at NYU. So any free time I have I usually spend it doing nothing and by nothing I mean laying out or watching parks and recreation on the treadmill.

Anyway, I finally have some down time and I wanted to share with you my second Stitch Fix! I am happy to report that this Stitch Fix was a success. If you don't remenmber how my first Fix went down you can review via the link. The cliff notes version: I was thoroughly disappointed and kept nothing. This time I'm happy to report that I kept some items!!

Let's get started! I arrived at home after work to find this precious little package waiting for me. Now let me be honest, I have no patience for surprises. Once I know that my package has shipped I log into my account and google the items listed in my Stitch Fix checkout. Usually I can find them all but this time I couldn't locate one item and so that was a surprise. There is always a element of surprise because some of the tops/skirts come in different colors and you never know what you're going to get.

First item I tried on was this GORGEOUS maxi dress. I had pinned this to my Stitch Fix style board. The price was slightly out of my comfort zone but I decided to give it a shot. The dress fit like a glove, which is amazing because lately finding clothes that fit my petite body has been a nightmare. However, the length had me tripping! I quickly ran to my closet and pulled out my 4 inch wedges hoping this plus my long stilt legs would do the trick. Sadly, it wasn't enough! I was still tripping all over the dress.
Tart Mallika Dotted Stripe Belted Maxi Dress
This dress went in the return pile because if I'm going to pay $168, I want the damn thing to fit! I don't want to pay extra to take it to a tailor to have 2 inches cut off. The dress also came with the thin brown, leather belt but since I have a tiny waist, I had to wrap the excess around the belt so it didn't stick out. Next!

In my stitch were a pair of shorts. I recently bought a lot of new shorts song wasn't really in the market but tried them on anyway. This was the only item in my Fix that had my scratching my head like why did my stylist throw these in?! First of all, I'm not big on busy patterns and these are just that. I didn't like the fold over part because that always adds bulk to your waist/hip area. The shorts were soft, I'll give them that much. They also featured pockets, which in love pockets.
Tart Rochelle Ikat Print Soft Short
In the end these went to the return pile because I felt they were too much of a pajama bottom or lounge wear. I could not see myself wearing them outside of the house without feeling ridiculous. I thought these were on the pricey side too ($68). Even if the price was lower I don't think I would have kept them, because the style is just not for me.

In this Fix, I also received a maxi skirt. I'm all about the maxi skirt these days. So cool and comfortable but makes you feel like you put a lot of effort into your look. I love pairing them with crop tops to stay on trend. This skirt was an odd magenta color, which I couldn't get past. It was also very thin so I felt very exposed and when I tucked in my tank I could see the shirt line through the skirt. I did enjoy the slit, as it showed off my muscular legs!
Gilli Jo Maxi Skirt
However, the price point for the skirt was a bit high so it went in the return pile. I just couldn't see spending that money ($58) on something I though was just okay. I can find something very similar at Target for $20 and in a color I actually like and would wear.

Here is where we get to the good stuff! I got a top that I had also pinned on my Stitch Fix style board! Like I said, it's always a surprise to see what color of a top you are going to get. I had pinned a striped version of this top and said how I liked the style but I'm not a big fan of stripes. My stylist noticed that comment and she sent me the same top but in a solid color! It's your standard racer  back with a stunning bib design (no jewelry necessary!) on the front in a contrasting color. Mine happened to me navy with teal blue bib.
Le Sample Kahlo Embroidered Solid Tank
The top fits great and is actually a high low style, shorter in the front and longer in the back. At $48 I had no problem adding this to the keep pile. The material of the shirt is very soft and it wears very comfortable being loose and flowy. Even though it's just a racer back tank it does have a little twist in the back that makes the shirt unique. I will be taking this top on my trip to California and pairing it with white capris/shorts for a clean, crisp look.

Last look is also a keeper! This was the top that I could not locate via online based on the information from my Stitch Fix checkout. It must be pretty new or not popular that no one has blogged about it. Well then consider this a Haute in Hell exclusive! The white, sleeveless blouse has a fun geo print featuring a variety of blue colors.
Under Skies York Geo Print Henley Blouse
The top is very lightweight and somewhat sheer. For work, I will be laying a tank top underneath but for play I think I'll roll with a nude bra or bralette and be okay. The top is slightly boxy in shape but it didn't bother me enough to send it back. It's long enough to be tucked in, if I feel the need. I kept this top because I don't own any prints like this and thought again it would be a great look for my Cali vacation. It makes for a polished look without trying hard. The blouse was $54 which I found reasonable.

That's my Stitch Fix #2! The grand total of my two shirts was $77. That's $48 plus $54 for the shirts and it totals $102. However, I had a credit referral of $25 so I used it towards my purchase! I highly recommend you stop thinking about Stitch Fix and finally try it out! I am very glad that I gave them a second chance! Time to go and sign up for #3!

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