Friday Fingers!: Wrapped in Rubies

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day & Friday! It's a super snowy Valentine's Day in PA. Be careful if you and your sweetie are going out to celebrate the "holiday." I personally have no plans to leave the house. I've got House of Cards and a box of Ladurée French macaroons to keep me happy. The only date I have is with the heating pad after all that shoveling!

Anyway, enough about the snow. I have been back logged with Friday Fingers! Ever since Santa gave me four nail polishes in my stocking I've been dying to try them out! I even painted my nails during the week, which is not like me. However, there isn't much to do when you're snowed in. Which has been almost a weekly event!

Today, I'm reviewing and swatching wrapped in rubies by essie. I thought it would be an appropriate color for those of you looking for the perfect Valentine's mani!
Wrapped in rubies by essie
This color I received at Christmas. It wasn't a color I asked for but found it to be really stunning when I opened it. The main color is obviously of a ruby red shade. It's a deep, but not true red. While viewing the color in the bottle you'll catch a steam of gold shimmer running all throughout the ruby color. The two colors swirl together like a fudge ripple through frozen yogurt.
Gold shimmer mixes with the ruby nail polish
After admiring the shade from the bottle, it was time to see what it would look like on the nails! Like most interesting looking nail polish it became a disappointment on the nails. The pros are the polish goes on smooth and you only need two coats. The cons are the gold shimmer doesn't come through as well as it's seen in the bottle.
Wrapped in rubies swatch
Don't get me wrong, it's still a beautiful color. I actually really enjoyed wearing the color. I tend to not like red nail polish, as I've said before, but the fact that this more on the wine scale of red it works. It was work appropriate and yet still fun for a happy hour after work. I only wish the rich gold would come through.

I hope you enjoyed my review and swatches of wrapped in rubies! Please look forward to more Friday Fingers! on the way! These snow days have really allowed me to get caught up on future blogs! Don't be shy, leave a comment and let me know if there is a color you'd like to see me swatch/review next!

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