My Style: Stella & Dot Fall/Holiday 2013 Collection

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hey everyone! I'm back to blogging after a wonderful weekend away with friends and family to celebrate my birthday! I went to my all time favorite place, a private lake in Bushkill, PA. My birthday was actually yesterday (it should be illegal to work on your birthday). I felt so much love from friends, family and co-workers!

Anyway, it's get down to business! I've got so much beautiful Stella & Dot jewelry to show you! As you already know, I hosted another Stella & Dot party in December. I earned $685.58 in credit and got 4 half off discounts this time around. I had some of the "regulars" come but I also had some new faces come to this party and they fell in love with the product! With all the credit, I've got lots to show you so I made yet another YouTube video! I'm starting to get the hang of them! Enjoy and don't forget to scroll below to get the information on each piece of jewelry!

I placed two orders since my December show. I'll let you know what I ordered in my 1st and 2nd packages.

In order as seen in the video:

Wild Hearts Luxembourg Scarf - $59 I paid full price so that I earned $25 Dot Dollars* (1st)

Somerveil Necklace (Gold) - $59 I used hostess credits (2nd)

Mae Necklace - $49 I used hostess credits (2nd)

Phoenix Pendant - $118 I used a half off discount and paid $59 - I earned $25 Dot Dollars (1st)

Kahlo Bib Necklace - $228 I used a half off discount and then used $50 Dot Dollars I earned previously. I paid $64!! (2nd)

Rebel Pendant (Gold) - $79 I used hostess credits (1st)

Jocelyn Drop Earrings - $44 I used hostess credits (2nd)

Linda Studs - $24 I used hostess credits (1st)

Nancy Studs (Gold) - $24 I used hostess credits (2nd)

Peacock Chandeliers - $69 I used hostess credits (1st)

Ivie Bangle - $49 I used hostess credits (2nd)

Eternal Band Ring - $39 I used hostess credits (1st)

Mary-Margaret Ring - $39 I used hostess credits (2nd)

*Dot Dollars are a promotion run from December 1st - 31st. Any purchases, made during that time frame, via trunk show or online qualified for Dot Dollars. For every $50 you spent you earned $25 in Dot Dollars. You then could spend your Dot Dollars from January 3rd - 10th. For each $50 you spent you could use $25 Dot Dollars.

As I mentioned in the video I still have $210.55 in hostess credits to spend. I kept some credits and two half off discounts anticipating some great products to come out in the Spring 2014 line! I have my eye on a few items and will be sharing another post when they arrive! Stay tuned!

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