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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hey everyone! Anyone else stuck in doors with all this snow? I've had the past two days off from school but both days I got a quick workout in! I'm working on my 150 miles by Valentine's Day, it's a part of the Love Your Body Series from Tone It Up!

Enough about the cold weather! Let's talk about how my sister made the transition from East Coast to West Coast and is avoiding all this cold weather! The move happened right after Thanksgiving and so we celebrated Christmas before she left. I gave her this homemade craft that I'm going to share with all of you. She absolutely loved it and has used it frequently since her move out there!

You might feel cheap giving it to someone but don't. A lot of thought and time goes into this project and that's what makes it the most invaluable gift you can give! Let's get started!

D.I.Y. Travel Guide
Little Gold Book from Target
What You'll Need:

Small (pocket-size) blank book/journal
Gift Card (optional)

1. Divide the book into categories. These might vary depending on where the person is moving to and how big your book/journal is. I divided my book into 4 parts: Restaurants and Bakeries (largest section), Beaches & Resorts, Parks, Trails & Zoos and Shopping. I went with the small book so that my sister could keep it with her in a purse or in the car. I found mine in the office supplies section of Target. I think it was roughly $9.

2. Research. This is the most time consuming part of the process. For each category you want to find the best of the best to send your friend. I used sites like Food Network and Open Tabl to research delicious and unique restaurants. I used sites like Yelp to make sure that businesses were receiving high ratings. Local newspapers/magazines are also very helpful on finding out what's the best hangout or up and coming hot spot.

3. Narrow down selections. Verify that the place is still in business by going to their personal website. Only choose the locations that you would feel comfortable going if you were the person using this book.

4. Write it all down. Now you are ready to commit them to the book! Pick a format and stick with it. It will give the book a uniform look and won't confuse the person using it. I always started with the name of the place at the very top line. Followed by the address and telephone number of the place.
Example page from the restaurant section
If it was a restaurant, I mentioned if it was on Open Table, the type of cuisine and price range. For the shopping section, I mentioned what kind of products the store had. For the parks section, I added a list of activities available at each location. Lastly, leave room on each page for the person to make notes on  how they enjoyed their experience and if they would return.

5. Decorate. Grab your markers and stickers and make the book colorful and playful. I used Lilly Pulitzer sticks left over from my day planner and went with fun, bright colors to write with.

6. Add a surprise. This part is completely optional but it makes for a great ending to an already perfect gift. Add a gift card to one of the restaurants or stores that you listed. Tape it behind the page of the said restaurant/store. While you're doing your research you can inquire if a store will let you buy gift cards online. In the notes section I wrote drinks are on me!
Hidden gift card!
I hope you enjoyed my tutorial on a moving away gift. It's a simple but thoughtful gift that the person will use. I know my sister texted me to tell me that she has been using the book frequently and that they used the gift card the other week. It made me feel good to hear that and makes all time time I put into it worth it! She even said that the stores and restaurants I picked have been really good. I have a fall back plan as a travel agent! Have a great week!

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