Friday Fingers!: Tenoverten NYC Manicure

Friday, January 3, 2014

Santa was so good to me this year. He gave me four new nail polishes in my stocking! All essie colors, all stunning! I can't wait to show you them all in upcoming Friday Fingers! There should be no shortage of Friday Fingers! anytime soon because I still have nail polishes to show you that I bought before Christmas!

Sorry there was no Friday Fingers! last week but I was in NYC! You knew that if you follow me on Instagram and from Wednesday's post. However, just because I was in NYC doesn't mean I wasn't rocking a manicure! I actually wore bare nails at Christmas because I knew the next day I would be getting a manicure at tenoverten. I found this nail salon through the LOFT's Instagram account. Every once in awhile they have someone in the fashion community take over their account for the day. Well they had a NYCer take it over the one day and she went to tenoverten!

Tenoverten has three locations and I was at the Tribeca location after a long day of shopping in SoHo and Tribeca. At this location the salon is located on the second floor, loft style. The salon offers manicures, pedicures and waxing. They have the best selection of nail polishes ranging from essie to Chanel to NARS to their own polish, tenoverten.

The salon only does natural nails (no gels or acrylics). Because of this the salon did not smell of harsh chemicals and was clean. The nail salon also doesn't use harsh nail dryers. Instead they use drying drops. I was a little leery of relying on just drying drops but I didn't feel rushed to leave so I waited until I thought I was ready.
Chanel Provocation
I used a Chanel brand polish because I don't own any Chanel colors. I would love to but it's so hard to get a hold of any good colors. My local Macy's gets like three of each color and they sell out very quickly. For my manicure I used the color Provocation. It's a deep plum color, perfect for a dramatic winter nail.

The nail techs that worked on my Mom and I were fabulous. They engaged in conversation with us and they only once spoke in Portuguese to each other. My favorite thing about the nail techs was their attention to detail!! They painted the tips of the nails and one time a fuzz from the towel got on my index finger and she removed all of the polish and started over! I couldn't have been happier.
Manicure from tenoverten in Tribeca
My only complaints are that the front desk staff were stuck up and their biggest concern was what they were going to eat for dinner (which whatever the one girl got, it stank up the whole room). They barely looked up at you over their macbook airs. Also, the website featured iPads for guests to use while they got their nails done and no one said anything to us about using them. Lastly, it was cold in the loft.

Anyway, I love my manicure and it's lasted a week with no chips (starting to come off at tips...but not chipping)! My Mom is already talking about going back the next time we are in the city! We want to try pedicures next time because they had comfy seats right by the window! Hope you enjoyed this nail salon review and enjoyed the swatches of  Provocation!

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