Friday Fingers!: Gold Glam & Accent Nail

Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy Friday!! Hope everyone survived their first full week back at work. I know it's always tough getting back into the swing of things. Especially if you're like me and were off for almost two weeks! Anyway, it's the weekend... let's stop talking about work!

I know we are past Christmas and NYE but I think you should be able to wear gold nails anytime of the year. I personally wore this during the weeks leading up to Christmas but you can always change the colors and make it appropriate for any season or occasion!

This tutorial features OPI Glitzerland as the gold nail polish. If you have another gold polish in your collection, go ahead and use it! This is my first gold polish so it's all I had to use. I really think the color is perfect. Not too yellow but not too brassy either. I really think all of the shimmer is what makes it stand out though!

What You'll Need:

Two different nail polish colors
Top Coat

1. Paint two coats on all your nails EXCEPT your pointer fingers in one of the nail polish colors. I mentioned that the featured color is gold so I chose OPI Glitzerland to be the main focus.

2. Go back and paint two coats of the other nail polish color on your pointer fingers. I chose to use Royal Rajah Ruby because it has a lot of micro glitter that will stand up well next to the gold.

3. Cover all nails with your fast drying top coat.

4. Once your pointer fingers are dry (about 30mins). Take small pieces of tape and make a horizontal stripe in the middle of your pointer fingers. Try to make it even and the same size stripe on each pointer finger.
Manicure featuring OPI Glitzerland
5. Once you have secured the tape down and there are no bubbles. It's time to take the opposite color of nail polish on  your pointer fingers and fill in the stripe! Use as many coats as needed until you can't see the other polish color.

6. Carefully peel the tape away, before polish dries, to reveal the gorgeous stripe! Enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed this manicure tutorial! Don't forget to keep checking back on Fridays to see fun tutorials and nail polish swatches from new releases to cult classics! I'm off to celebrate my birthday with some awesome besties and family!

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