Friday Fingers!: Birthday Manicure

Friday, January 17, 2014

It's finally here! It's FRIDAY! Even though I had a 2hr delay this week, it still felt like the longest week ever! Oh well it's over and I've got a fun weekend planned full of movie watching with a variety of friends. Finally seeing American Hustle tonight!

Enough about my weekend though. I know you really came by to see what I'm wearing on my finger nails! I actually wore this essie polish last weekend for my party at the lake house. This week I'm featuring essie's belugaria.
essie belugaria
This is another first for me! Last week was my first gold nail polish and now this is my first black nail polish. I received this nail polish in my stocking this year which was a complete surprise! I never thought in a million years that my own mother would buy me a black nail polish!

I was really excited to try this out because the color inside of the bottle is stunning! The flecks of hologram circle glitter really catch the light and your attention.

The application of this nail polish is a downfall. This polish is extremely difficult to put on nicely. I first start out with a  very thin coat just till all my nails are covered but I can still see the nail. Then I go back and do a second coat. The polish the second time around is very thick and dries almost instantly! Which doesn't help the application process either.
Start with a thin layer for an easier application
Needless to say, with the chunky application (very caviar-esque) this polish chips very easily. Since it's also textured with the glitter and black beads, these nails wind up getting fuzz from sweaters trapped in them or even hair if you run your hands through your hair a lot.

I love the dark color with the pops of hologram sparkle but the rest of the "lace" texture makes it look like volcanic ash. I know I'll use this polish again because it's fun for a night out and I love how fast it dries.

Obviously, I can't wear this color to work and it's a too dramatic. When the time came to remove it I was sure it was going to be a disaster. However, I used my remove by zoya and one swipe and it was half way off. You do wind up using a lot of cotton balls just because if you use the same one your finger tips get pretty black.

 This is strictly a weekend nail polish for me. I had my nails painted Saturday morning and by Saturday night they were already chipping off in chunks. I hope you enjoyed this review! If anyone has used another nail polish from the encrusted effects line let me know!

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