My Style: Christmas Decor 2013

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I can't think of a better time to write about my Christmas decor than when it's snowing outside my window! I'm off from work today with a snow day! Snow days never get old, no matter how old you are!

I love decorating the house at Christmastime. While I decorate the house for other seasons and holidays, there is something about Christmastime that fills the house with warmth. Possibly it's the glow from all of the LED light bulbs, kidding!

This year I was hosting another Stella & Dot party at my house for Friends & Family the first weekend of December. It's also a holiday party as I like to show off the house all decorated and I try and serve some festive treats. Having the party only a few days after Thanksgiving meant that I had a lot of work to do in a small amount of time!
Holiday treats at my Stella & Dot party

Front Door

Last year was the first time I ever had to think of decorating a front door. I wasn't very festive and just hung a giant tartan bow from Target. I mean it was cute but like poor college student cute. This year I asked my Mom if she would order me a wreath from L.L. Bean.
L.L. Bean wreath on my front door
My Mom always orders these fresh wreaths for my grandmothers as Christmas gifts. They love to display them on their doors at the nursing home. However, this year the nursing home sent a letter out that said they would not be able to have real trees or wreaths due to fire code. My Mom had these two other wreaths on her hands then so I took another one and used it inside the house. This style wreath was from the Winter White line, the wreath is no longer available but there are centerpieces available.


Nothing crazy here as it's a tiny space. I have a string of LED white lights that I used to hang in my room that I brought with me. I bring them out at Christmas and always wonder what to do with them. Last year, I strung them around the banister. This year, I decided to wrap them around a mirror we hang inside the door. It looks boring when the lights aren't on but lit up it's so festive and fun! My roommate's wreath and door hanger are caught in the reflection!

Living Room 

A few years back I was at Kohl's during the holidays and spotted a 4-foot pink Christmas tree. I really wanted it for my pink bedroom at my parents' house. I waited until I got Kohl's cash and basically got the tree for free. The tree has since followed me to my new house and this year I proudly display it in the windowsill of the Living Room.

My girly-girl Christmas tree at night
Normally, I just throw on any old ornaments but this year I wanted to have a theme. Well, with a pink tree I went with a girly-girl theme. The tree features my Holiday Barbie collection from Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments, Louboutins and bright colored, mini Christmas balls and stars. I got the Louboutins from a local pool store that turns into a Christmas decor store during the winter. The Christmas balls and mini stars are from Target.
Christmas tree during the day with Holiday Barbies
Family Room

The Family Room is where Christmas decor explodes! In the Family Room, there is a fireplace and the mantle gets decorated for every holiday and season! It's the focal point of the room so it always needs to look its best. I thought I had did an awesome job last year but this year everything comes together.

Fireplace Mantle - Christmas Decor 2013
Rustic Snowflake
I'll break the mantle down bit by bit. The stockings I bought last year and I found them at Target. The lighted garland is as a purchase made last year from my local Ace Hardware store. It was a great deal, I don't think I paid more than $25 for it and it has little pinecones on it! I bought these adorable tin snowflakes attached to clothespins from a store called Plow & Hearth. They had them clipped on a tree (giving me the inspiration to clip them on the garland). In store they only had four available and I can't find them online.
Faux cranberries with gold twigs and berries
The vases (from Target) on either side get used year round. You can buy vase fillers, use old buttons or candy! For this display, I used faux cranberries from Target. I couldn't find them online but they were from the brand Threshold if you want to look in store in the home decor section. The gold twigs and berries sticking out the top are from a local home decor store called Gail Grey. They were $2 each and I have two in each vase.
Real wreath accented with red berries and pinecones
This is the other wreath from L.L. Bean. This one was originally sent to my Nana and she was trying to be a rebel and keep hers but management told her to have it picked up. Don't worry, Nana, it's the focal point of my Christmas decor and the fresh pine and eucalyptus fill the room.

The candelabra (not sure where it's from) was a housewarming gift from a dear family friend, Michele. It's beautiful with the black wrought iron and so I keep it up year-round. It came with twine balls for the basket portion but I opted to fill the basket with giant pinecones from Gail Grey ($4 each). I added the glitter myself. The candelabra doesn't come with candles though. I just bought cheap, unscented candles from the Dollar Tree because I have no plans to light them. I added gold glitter to those as well.


I don't go crazy upstairs, it's mostly just for me. This year I got a monogrammed stocking from my friend, Anne. I decided to hang it on my door to glam up the boring white door. However, it would have fit perfectly with the berry/gold theme going on with the mantle. Around the door I bought a card garland in the holiday stationary section (by the boxed Christmas cards) at Target.

My Bedroom Door
The garland is just twine (very unstable, I have to use lots of tape to keep it up) and the glittery snowflakes are on clothespins. I think the snowflakes make it look more festive than just hanging cards up with tape! You don't have to put it around the door. If you wanted you can put it banner style on a wall or across a fireplace mantle.

Well that's everything! I hope you enjoyed seeing how I decorate for Christmas and hope you got inspired for this year or next year! Sometime the holidays get so crazy that we forget to enjoy the decorations we put up! Make time to watch a Christmas movie at night in the soft glow of the Christmas lights or wrap gifts by the warmth of the fire! 

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