My First Stitch Fix!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Hey friends! I'm sorry for the delay in posts but I really needed the break! Even though I don't get paid to blog, it's like a second job to me. I just needed the time off to recharge and focus. Plus, I was trying to spend a lot of time with my sister who moved to California after Thanksgiving.

I'm back now and ready to share my first ever Stitch Fix with you! For those of you that are like Stitch Fix, what!? I'll explain. Stitch Fix is a company, based in San Francisco, that brings online shopping to a whole new level.
Stitch Fix Logo

Here's the scoop: You pay a $20 styling fee up front and select the day you'd like your Stitch fix to arrive. Then your stylist gets to work reviewing your Style Profile (brief survey to find out your style preference and how you like to wear your clothes). Five items (clothing to jewelry to accessories to outerwear) are chosen just for you and then shipped to your door. Try everything on and send back what you don't want. Your $20 styling fee goes towards what you keep and if you keep all five items you get 25% off.

Here's how my Stitch Fix went:

After having my sister tell me about her experience I grew curious and signed up. It took about 10 minutes to fill out the Style Profile. In my Style Profile, I basically told them I like to keep things classic and preppy and I don't really go out of my comfort zone but I'm okay with that. I told them that I don't like my clothing skin tight but it should be tailored. You have the option to give them your Twitter handle (I gave mine) as well as a url to a Pinterest board (I did that as well).

You can leave comments for your stylist too. I had wrote that I would like sweaters, long sleeves and leggings as the weather is starting to get colder. However, you could also request no outerwear or mention that you have a special event and are in need of a cocktail dress. I also mentioned that I like to get a lot of use out of my clothing. For example, having transitional pieces that go from work to play.

I chose Tuesday, November 19th for my Stitch Fix. My package actually arrived on Wednesday, November 20th. Remember, if you're doing this Stitch Fix for a special event you'll want to pick a few days ahead in case the package gets delayed like mine did.

The weeks leading up to my Fix were spent stalking their blog to see what cute outfits they were putting together. I was also taking the items that they were posting and pinned them to my Pinterest Style board. I also added non-Stitch Fix pictures to my Pinterest board to give them a better idea of my style.

My Fix was waiting for me on the stoop when I got home from work. I quickly took my box and race up to my room to get ready to try everything on! I apologize for the poor quality of photos to come but with the sun setting so early I ran out of daylight and was using my floor lamp for lighting.

1. Bay to Baubles - Rachel Impression Triangles Necklace - $36

I didn't really like this necklace upon first look but decided to give it a shot and try it on. I went to get it out of the box and the adjustable chain broke off. Pieces of chain were dropping everywhere. I tried it on with the chain that I had left and it was pretty but there was no way I was going to keep something that was broken upon arrival. I had actually read on another blog about receiving broken jewelry from Stitch Fix, so I know I'm not alone.

Broken chain links from the Bay to Baubles necklace
2. Kensie - Joce Embroidered Dot Ankle Pant - $88

I must admit these pants were really cute however they just did not fit my body type. Ankle pants don't really work for me because I have long legs and they never seem to hit at the right spot. They sent me a size 0 which fit great in my waist but I honestly thought my ass was going to split these pants!! I took baby steps to avoid any rips haha. Then oddly enough, the pants were super baggy in my legs. Overall, very unflattering and I was afraid to move/sit down in them so the pants had to go back.

3. Tulle - Tiele Geo-Print Neck-Tie Blouse - $58

I couldn't believe this geo-print top was even in my Fix. This is WAY beyond my comfort zone. The pattern is busy, it's orange and it's see through (I wore a camisole underneath for the pictures). Three strikes you're going back to San Fran. The only way I would have kept this top is if I had a Mad Men themed party. The pattern and colors remind me of things I'd see in the 60s. The only redeeming quality to this top is the cute neck-tie detail, however that feminine touch gets lost on such a busy background.

4. Dylan and Rose - Ruthie Cross-Front Side-Ruched Top - $48

Sorry for the mis-matched outfit but I was feeling lazy after work and kept on the burgundy cords I wore that day! This top reminds me so much of hospital apparel. Either the hideous scrubs doctors and nurses wear or a hospital gown. I am not a fan of ruched details, it comes off cheap looking. The top was too deep of a neckline to wear at work as well. This is a basic tee and it should not have been priced at almost $50 bucks. I sent it back.

5. Tart - Katniss Geo Print Dolman Sleeve Top - $55

Again, with the crazy prints! I really don't understand how this top was in my Fix. Where to begin? I did not like the banded bottom, it's never a flattering look and reminds me of maternity wear. The dolman sleeve were out of control, I felt like a flying squirrel with all that extra fabric hanging under my arms. The only saving qualities of the shirt were the cute boatneck and how super soft the material was. It's safe to say this went back as well.

Showin' a little clavicle with the boatneck style
The grand total of the Stitch Fix was $285. If I kept it all I would have owed $198.75 because you would subtract your $20 styling fee and the 25% discount.

In case you lost count, all five items went back to San Fran and I was out $20. I was extremely disappointed with my Fix. I felt like my stylist had completely ignored my Style Profile and never bothered to look at Pinterest board. If you remember, I also said I'd like more cold weather apparel and instead I got two short sleeved shirts (one of which was super thin) and ankle pants. I like the idea of having a personal stylist but that person has to remember that they aren't dressing themselves, they are dressing the client. 

However, I'm not giving up. I have scheduled my next Fix to arrive on my birthday. I'm hoping that after reading my reviews of the clothing they sent they will have a better understanding of my style. I've read other bloggers say that they had a terrible first Fix but that the second worked out better. So help me if they send one geo print item in my next Fix!!

I hope you enjoyed this blog! Don't let my bad Fix discourage you from trying it yourself. My sister has great success with Stitch Fix and even kept everything from her last Fix! Leave comments below if you have any questions on the Stitch Fix process!


  1. Hey just found ur blog via google n was surprised to see this print, I got a fabric with the exact sane geometric orbit as urs only mines mustard yellow as against ur orange, cool!

    1. Hey Onnari! I'm glad you found my blog! How did you like the top? Did you keep it? I'm getting ready to have another Stitch Fix sent to me in June!