Merry Christmas from Me to You!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

We've been buying gifts and decorating our homes since November and now Christmas is finally upon us. It's always a hectic time of year because we have so much on our to do list that the month of December just flies by. Now that it's Christmas Day, take the time to slow things down and cherish the loved ones near and far (Hey, Sissy!).
Tree that rivals the Rockefeller Plaza tree

I'm thankful for you, my readers, who are faithful to this blog. I started Haute in Hell as a creative outlet for myself. Not thinking anyone would read it. Through your word of mouth and various social media outlets I'm happy to share I've reached 12,000 views! I was aiming for 12,000 views in a year but YOU helped me reach that goal two months early! Thank you for all your support and I look forward to many more views in the New Year!

I'm excited to have my family open their gifts on Christmas Day. I think I have a knack for gift-giving. I  listen when someone talks and I remember their hobbies or interest. I even get something for my little fur baby. Which reminds me! Here is a photo from when I took my little Lucifer to meet Santa! His vet had Santa stop by for photos and the money went to a local cat shelter so I had to support the cause. Lucifer's reindeer costume is from Target a few years ago.
I mean, it's this the cutest?
I know my Mom is really excited to watch me open the presents she picked out. Over the years as I've gotten older my parents would just write me a check and get little stocking stuffers. I'm not complaining about getting a check, but it isn't the same level of joy as opening surprise gifts! I did give my Mom a list to work off of but she says that I'm so easy to shop for that she wound up getting things on her own too.

You can comment below if you'd like me to do a post on what I got for Christmas but I wasn't planning on it. I'm sure you'll see the stuff eventually through the blog, Twitter or Instagram.


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