Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hello and Happy Hump Day! Today, I'm posting my first ever make up tutorial. I've been hesitant to do a tutorial because I am by no means a makeup guru. I simply love to mess around with colors and hope it comes out pretty.

The following look is what I wore to the wedding I was at most recently. However, this makeup look isn't heavy so I also wear it for work and play. I created the following look by using Too Faced's Boudoir Eyes.

Too Faced Boudoir Eyes
The eye shadow collection is great because it offers a wide variety of matte and shimmer shadows. It also ranges from light shadows, great for brow bone highlighting, to deep colors perfect for smokey eyes.

Soft Smokey Eye Makeup - Too Faced Boudoir Eyes
Lately, I've been watching a lot of Gossip Girl and in the one episode Serena had a really pretty, soft smokey eye and I got inspired and tried to recreate the look. The picture doesn't do the makeup justice. The one eye doesn't look as dark as the other but I promise I did not walk around with lopsided makeup.

1. To begin I primed the eyelid with Urban Decay Primer Potion to ensure my look would last all day and night.

2. I actually curl and apply mascara next. I do this first because my lashes are so long I get a lot of smudges on my lids. It's a lot easier to get rid of the smudges when your eye makeup isn't on yet!

3. Apply In The Buff all over the lid. I like to use a pale color all over the lid so that all of the other accent shadows and liner just pop off the pale background. It also keeps the look from getting too dark and keeping the look soft.

4. Next, take Satin Sheets and apply to the center of the lid to give some sheen and definition.

5. Now it's time to work the crease. Take Garter Belt and go back and forth in the crease of your eyelid. This color is the perfect shade of gray to keep things smokey but it's not overpowering.

6. For a more dramatic look, finish with French Tickler, lightly, on the outer corners of your eyes in a V-shape.

Soft Smokey Eye - Too Faced Boudoir Eyes
7. I finished the look with black liner just on the bottom water line. On my lips I was wearing Too Faced La Creme in the color Marshmallow Bunny.

The makeup lasted me all day and night and I didn't have to worry about the shadow rubbing off or creasing. When I woke up the next morning, it still looked great. Yeah, I did go to bed with my makeup on. Oops!

Below are some photos of the happy newlywed couple. I went to elementary school with the bride and we all went to the same high school. It was a beautiful ceremony and an even better reception. I mean how can you go wrong when they serve mac & cheese out of martini glasses?

I hope you found this tutorial helpful. Let me know if you liked the tutorial and would like to see more. I'm not a professional, but by the end of all my tweaking, I was really pleased with the finished product and wanted to share it with you! Also, feel free to share how you use the eyeshadows in the Boudoir Eyes Collection.

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