Rave & Review: Sephora Birthday Gift 2013

Monday, November 4, 2013

Hey everyone! I'm really excited to share my thoughts on Sephora's birthday gift this year for beauty insiders. The gift was a small box containing two products from benefit. One being a mascara and the other being a highlighter.

If you know me personally, you know my birthday is in January. You're now probably asking, why did I wait so long to review this product? However, my Sephora beauty insider card is registered under my mother from back in the day and her birthday is in September!

Sephora birthday gift 2013
Anyway, I love mascara. Mascara is the one thing I will never leave home without wearing. I have pale eyelashes and when I don't have anything on it makes my eyes look odd. I can't explain it but if you have pale eyelashes, you know what I'm talking about.

While I didn't luck out in the dark eyelash department, I am blessed with full, long eyelashes (humble brag). I enjoy trying new mascaras all the time because they come out with new ones, ALL THE TIME.

I must admit I have never bought or sampled a mascara that I did not buy from a drugstore. Mostly because I don't see the value of buying an expensive product that I use up quickly and has a short shelf life. I don't feel guilty when I have to throw out a $8 mascara because it dried out or simply didn't perform as advertised.

Benefit they're real mascara - sample size
The sample mascara in the birthday gift is they're real. It's a jet black mascara that says it will lengthen, curl, add volume and lift and separate your lashes. It's won quite a few beauty awards so it must be living up to all the hype.

I sampled and have been wearing it quite frequently since then. The mascara goes on easy. The applicator brush is on the thin side with soft bristles and the brush slightly tapers at the end. The process of putting on the mascara was easy. The brush was easy to maneuver and get each lash coated. The brush is nice because you can use it both, horizontally and vertically.

Benefit they're real mascara brush - sample size
I ,personally, like to use the brush horizontally for my upper lashes while wiggling the brush slightly and moving from the base to the tip. For the bottom lashes, I like to hold the brush vertically so that I have an easier time coating each lash and the corners.

Even though I curled my lashes before I could see that the mascara elevated them even more. Being able to use the brush both directions also allowed me to get into the corners more sufficiently making the lashes fuller and separated. The mascara is long wearing. It lasted all day and did not smudge or flake off, which is always a plus! I felt like I could have layered on more mascara that evening if I was going out with friends but decided I didn't need to.

They're real mascara from benefit
I would highly recommend the product if you're in the market for a mascara that will curl, lift and separate. This mascara really does create the illusion of false eyelashes. The price is $23 for a full size product. I find that to be pricey but I might be tempted to repurchase. However, I find that Rimmel scandaleyes show off is a very similar product and can get the same results for $15 less.

The next product for review is the watt's up highlighter. I have never used a highlighter before. I'm not really into the dewy look and never want my face to be mistaken for looking greasy. However, since the product was free I decided to give it a go!

Watt's up benefit highlighter - sample size
First of all, I love the name. I think it's very clever. For a sample size product they sure do give you a lot. With a highlighter, a little goes a long way so I think I'll have this product for a while which is cool. The product is a shimmery, champagne color with pink tones. The product goes on like a cream and then finishes like a powder.

Benefit watt's up highlighter - sample size
I use this product only as a brow bone highlighter and not everyday. I like to use a brow bone color when I do a smokey eye of any color, blacks, grays or browns. My favorite part of the highlighter is the easy application. Just rub the product on and then blend out with your finger or a brush. The cream to powder finish makes it easy to blend in with the rest of your eyeshadows. The shimmer hits the light and your eyes are a masterpiece that everyone wants to see!

The full size version retails for $30. The full size product does include a buffer at the other end to help make blending easier. However, I find my finger to work just fine. I'm really glad that the sample contains so much product because I can't see myself re-purchasing with that price tag attached. Most eyeshadow palettes come with a nice brow bone color anyway so it's not mandatory to buy this product. I think I would be more inclined to re-purchase if I used it on both my brow bone and cheeks.

While I might not re-purchase the samples given to me in the Sephora birthday gift, it has turned me on to a new brand that I would like to explore. They have some creaseless cream shadows and other makeup products that have piqued my interest!

That's all for my review I hope you enjoyed my opinion. Let me know what you thought of the Sephora birthday gift by leaving your comments below!

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