Friday Fingers!: Half-moon Tutorial

Friday, November 22, 2013

HAPPY FRIDAYYY!! I can’t tell you how excited I am to do absolutely NOTHING tomorrow! I’ve work 12 days straight and I am exhausted. After this weekend, it will be a short work week for me and then thanksgiving break! Oh the perks of working in a school!

Back to Friday Fingers!, so I was getting bored with showing you my plain old manicures. While I love showcasing my favorite colors from the latest collections, it was getting old. I decided to spice things up with a fun nail tutorial!

Half-moon tutorial

I was scanning Pinterest when I came across a half moon nail design and got inspired. With the half-moon design you get to pick two colors, which is perfect for me because I can never decide. That’s probably why my toes rarely match my fingers because I just can’t settle for one color.
What You’ll Need:
  • Two nail polishes (I used essie Mint Candy Apple & Miss Fancy Pants)
  • Paper reinforcement labels
  • Fast drying top coat (I use essie Good to Go)
1. Start off with two coats (or one coat, depending on the polish) of the color you want the half-moon to be.
2. Use top coat and wait for nails to be completely dry.
3. Once nails are completely dry, take the paper reinforcement labels and place them so that half of the circle covers the bottom portion of your nails. Be sure that the sticker is firmly pressed down on nail. (See photo)

4. Next, grab your other nail polish and paint over the top portion of your nail. Make sure you get the polish really good near the sticker.
5. Peel off the labels as soon as you are done. If you wait till they are dry you won’t have as clean of a line.
6. Stand back and admire you work of art…oh and don’t forget to apply a top coat to the top portion of your nail to make the design last longer!

Your options are endless for this nail tutorial! Get crazy with your colors or even use glitter polish! I hope you enjoyed and will be trying this out in time for the Thanksgiving holiday!

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