'Tis the Season: Bridal Shower Gift Idea

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

You might have read 'tis the season and thought I was talking about Fall. However, I'm talking about the four seasons' stepsister, Wedding Season! I'm at the age where my friends are starting to get married so I've had to start working odd jobs at school (SAT & Saturday detention proctoring and everyone's favorite...Homecoming dance chaperone) to keep up with the financial demands.

I attended a bridal shower last month for one of my childhood friends and it was a blast! My friend Emily was super fast at opening her heaping mounds of gifts and while she did that we played bridal bingo. We also played a game where there were photos of the bride from different stages in her life and you had to guess her age. I tied with her other childhood friend and won a beautiful champagne glass etched with the date of her shower. Lastly, her soon-to-be hubby (one of my best guy friends) had tapped answers to questions that we asked the bride on the spot! Best game of the day!

Emily's mom and her soon-to-be mother-in-law had handled all of the delicious food! Emily's mom made homemade kiffles, I could have ate the whole plate of lemon ones! There was a spread of bagels, cakes and chocolate covered strawberries as well as hot dishes like egg casserole, cheesy potatoes and baked oatmeal. Lastly, her dad was manning the make your own mimosa bar!

Straight champs but added pineapple & strawberries!
I wanted to share with you the creative and visually appealing gift I had brought to the shower. I made a kitchen utensil bouquet complete with adorable paper flowers.

On Emily & Mike's registry I saw that they had a lot of kitchen utensils but someone had already purchased the container you put all the utensils in. I bought all seven of the kitchen utensils from the same brand anyway and figured I'd deal with home to wrap them later. I had a coupon for Bed, Bath & Beyond so the grand total of the utensils was just under $50.

I looked on their Target registry and saw that they were asking for pot holders. While I couldn't find the exact color they were asking for I found one with the same print she wanted an apron in. When I got home I stuffed all the utensils in the "pocket" of the pot holder and rolled it up like a ribbon at the end of a bridal bouquet. It was stunning!

I decided to take things a step further and make small paper flowers to tie on the ends of the utensils to really enhance the "bouquet." Lastly, I tied the potholder with a white satin ribbon to hold everything in place. I even purchased a gorgeous crystal vase from Macy's to hold the bouquet while on display at the shower.

Follow the steps below to make your own paper flowers!

What you'll need:

Pack of white wire (found it at Jo Ann Fabrics for $0.70)
Pack of white tissue paper (found some at the Dollar Tree)
Satin ribbon (your choice of color...found mine at Jo Ann Fabrics on clearance for $0.90)

1. Take eight pieces of tissue paper from the pack. Make sure they line up nicely. From the eight large pieces of paper cut a 5x7 inch piece.

2. Again, make sure your eight layers are lined up nicely. Begin folding "hot dog" length in an accordion style.

3. Once you have folded the papers into one seven inch strip, wrap the white wire around the middle and twist to secure.

4. Now, trim the ends. You can cut the ends into a rounded or pointy tip (each cut will give you a different look to the petals). I did a mix in my bouquet so I will show you the differences.

5. Once you have cut the ends you may now start peeling back the layers. Be gentle as the layers of tissue paper are very delicate.

6. You should know have a finished product that resembles a flower. Fluff until perfected!

7. Wrap the wire ends around the tops of the utensils and twist to secure. You may want to tape to secure some top heavy flowers. Cut the ends of the wires as needed.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that it inspired you to get creative with your bridal shower gifts!

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