Rave & Review: Chanel Les Beiges

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I have been cutting back on buying non-essential beauty products. However, the change in seasons requires a change in my beauty routine.

In the Summer, I typically don't wear anything on my face but bronzer to contour. Now that I am no longer soaking up the suns rays, I have gone back to having the skin tone of a vampire. I'm proud to be pale so I let my bronzer hibernate the majority of the Fall/Winter.

I was in the market for a pressed powder to use over top of my moisturizer. Moisturizer and I are BFFs because my skins tends to get really dry during the Fall/Winter months. Since I'm using moisturizer more frequently I also feel like my skins gets oily, even though I'm using oil-free. I use the pressed powder to pick up the oil and give me a clean polished look.

I got an ad in the mail about Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour and it was like my prayers were answered! I went to Macy's and asked the ladies at the Chanel counter to sample the Les Beiges on me. She explained that the product is not full coverage and should be used more as a setting powder. 
She tested the second lightest shade on me and then highlighted my cheekbones with N10 which has a shimmery finish. The match was perfect and I went home with N20.

The pictures above were taken in artificial light (L) and natural light (R). Sorry for the scary close ups!!

The product smells amazing, I only wish their perfumes smelled as good as their pressed powders and bronzers. I use a big powder brush to apply so I get a nice soft look to my makeup. I get enough product on and make mini circles all around my face and get more product when necessary. When I'm done I get a polished look with minimal effort.

The powder lasts me all day and I don't see the makeup come off on my clothes when I get changed for work or when I come home. That's always a bonus, can't tell you how many white dress shirts I take off and notice the bronzer ring around the collar.

The mirror on the compact is a great size and I use it when I'm on the go. I enjoy that the compact itself is beige on the outside. It makes it easy to find when it's in a drawer with a bunch of other boring, black compacts! The half moon brush is soft but as I mentioned above, I don't use it.

I also love that while the product's name insinuates a glow,there is no shimmer in the product. I'm not into shimmer when it comes to face products. I get irritated enough when glitter from an eyeshadow gets on my face. Only the N10 has a little shimmer and it's supposed to be used more as a highlight than pressed powder.

I find that I need to rub the brush with some force to get the product to pick up on my brush. A swipe across this product doesn't cut it, that is my only negative.

Before I bought Chanel I had visited the Estee Lauder counter but their pressed powders didn't match my skin tone and keep giving me a bronzed look. I payed a little extra but I am 100% pleased with the product.

Hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful! Let me know how you switch up your makeup routine when the seasons change!

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