Friday Fingers!: Essie The Lace Is On DUPE

Friday, October 11, 2013

The essie fall collection has been out since August but since I was having my internet issues around that time this is a bit delayed. I decided to post it anyway because people might be thinking about purchasing from the collection now.

I'm actually really pleased with the essie Fall 2013 collection this year. You'll be seeing some in upcoming Friday Fingers! So far, I have purchase cashmere bathrobe but have been looking to add vested interest to the collection.

This Friday Fingers! is about the lace is on though. At first glance, this color reminded me a lot of some colors I already own in my collection. The two colors that came to mind were jamaica me crazy (Winter 2009) and sure shot (Resort 2012).

From L to R: the lace is on and jamaica me crazy
From L to R: sure shot and jamaica me crazy
Here comes the nerd in me...time for an experiment!

Problem: Does essie the lace is on have a dupe?

Hypothesis: I believe that at least one of the following colors, sure shot or jamaica me crazy, will be a dupe for the lace is on.

Materials: In order to conduct this "experiment" you will need the following three bottles of nail polish: the lace is one, jamaica me crazy and sure shot. Make sure you nails are clean and have no nail polish residue from a previous manicure.

Procedure: Designate three fingers to use for this experiment. I used my index, middle and ring finger to be able to see comparisons better. Paint each finger with two coats of polish and no top coat. Review each nail polish against each other after painted, record results.


I swatched the lace is on on my middle finger, jamaica me crazy on my pointer and sure shot on my  ring finger. Surprisingly, the lace is on is not like either sure shot and jamaica me crazy. However, sure shot and jamaica me crazy are more similar.

L to R: sure shot and jamaica me crazy
Conclusion: After reviewing the results, I have concluded that there is no dupe for the lace is on out of the other two colors swatched. The lace is on turned out to be more of a purple shade than the other two. However, I do feel that sure shot and jamaica me crazy are very similar with their magenta shades. Although they too are not dupes for each other because jamaica me crazy has silver glitter in the polish and sure shot does not.

I hope you enjoyed this comparison of three essie brand nail polishes and that you'll check back for some reviews on the rest of the fall 2013 collection!

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