Target Fall Preview!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hey everyone! I've been holding this blog for the perfect moment and I think today is the day!

The weather here in PA is reminiscent of a perfect Fall day.  So I thought I would share with you a little fall preview at Target! By now I'm sure you've seen it on your own but in case you haven't this should be a treat!

Before I show you what Target has in stores, I'll go over some top Fall trends for 2013! Move over black and white and read between the lines! It's all about gray! Whether you wear gray jeans or a cozy gray sweater you will look like you know your trends. Army green is sure to turn some heads this fall as well. My favorite way to rock army green is with a button down (roll the sleeves). Pair with skinny jeans and riding boots and no one will mess with your style.

Color blocking is back, go conservative or go wild! If you're nervous about mixing different color pants and tops then try color blocking on a dress first. Patterns are also big this season. Don't be intimidate to wear prints. They are meant to be playful and can even camouflage those problems areas (not that you have any!).

Time to bring out your bad side! Leather is making everyone a little bit more edgy this season. Again, this trend can be wild or tamed. Try a leather (or faux) trim on skirts and blouses before diving in head first into leather pants and jackets.

Lastly, it's all about the tux and it's not just for men. Ladies, it's time to grab a pair of tuxedo style trousers, ruffle white blouse and a tuxedo blazer and OWN the workplace! I love this look and it makes me feel powerful to be in a stylish suit.

This Target preview focuses mostly on the leather trend. I was at first very intimidated by all of the pleather happening at target but once I tried things on I did make some purchases! I mean but who doesn't make a purchase when they go to a Target?

Let's get started!

Love this wine color for Fall
I was drawn to this top by the color first. The deep wine color just screams Fall! Then when I held it up on the hanger I was pleased to see it was longer in the back. I decided to pair it with the pencil skirt with leather trim to go more business. I really loved the pencil skirt but did not end up purchasing it. I did however end purchasing the top because I saw it being really versatile in my closet.

I plan on wearing this tank tucked into a skirt or slacks for work but then wearing it out on the weekends with skinny jeans or my favorite pair of leggings!

Next, I kept the pencil skirt on and switched up my top to a long sleeve high-low blouse. I really like the sheer style of the shirt. It also is trimmed with faux leather to stay on trend. As I mentioned previously, I'm really excited that the high-low trend is following us into Fall because I will have so many tops to wear with leggings!

I did purchase this top because, again, I saw myself wearing it to work and then changing it up and wearing it out after hours. While it hits the leather trend remember it also has a pattern! I liked this pattern because it's a twist on the very popular chevron stripe.

Still rockin' the pencil skirt with pleather trim. I wanted to switch up the bottoms more but my Target was out of my size for the leggings with the tuxedo stripe. I tried this blouse on next. I did not purchase this blouse for multiple reasons. I did not like the pattern and I also did not like the slit in the front when the shirt is untucked. Sorry but I couldn't find it on Target's website!

Target does it again with Fall trends
Last outfit with the faux leather trim skirt, promise! Here I paired a faux leather and knit cardigan. I thought this cardigan was super cute on the hanger but when I tried it on, it did nothing for me. The pleather was so baggy that no matter how I styled it, it just didn't look right for me. This cardigan also ran pretty big so make sure to go a size down. Love the concept but it stayed at Target.

I decided to pair both quilted items together but I don't think I would wear it outside of the Target dressing room. I loved how soft both of the pieces were but in the end that wasn't enough to come home with me. The top is boxy in shape and with the heavy fabric it really added too much bulk to my petite upper body. There was nothing wrong with the skirt. However, if I had to choose between the two, I would have bought the faux leather trim skirt.

That's the end of my fashion preview but don't worry I'll have more Fall fashion hauls to come as the season fast approaches!

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