Friday Fingers!: All That Glitters

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Happy Friday, Friends! I'm off to Philly for the weekend to hang with my sister, her boyfriend and their crazy cat, Milo. I wanted something simple, yet eye catching. So I came up with the half and half manicure! I mean I didn't invent the idea but I think I came up with a really pretty color combo!
Sally Hansen strobe light and essie ballet slippers

I started off using essie ballet slippers as my base color. I used three coats for it to become opaque then layered a quick drying top coat. I keep this manicure for a day just because I had an important meeting at work and wanted a professional nail.

The next day I used clear tape to make a diagonal line across the nail. I didn't make my line a uniform half and half. I keep the glitter mostly toward the top. You could even put the glitter on the bottom, so many ways to achieve a fun glitter look! Feel free to do what you want.

After the tape was applied I got my glitter nail polish. The color I used is Sally Hansen's strobe light. Strobe light is a very light pink with pastel and iridescent micro glitter.
Feminine glitter manisure
It's supposed to be a close dupe for OPI Teenage Dream which is extremely hard to find. I think the color is so pretty and I don't really care if it's a dupe or not. Plus, you can't beat the price! I got it at the grocery and it cost me all of $3.

I painted on three coats until the nail was completely coated in glitter. Once all the nails are painted, peel off the tape before the polish dries. Then stand back and admire your beautiful manicure that is sure to catch an eye or to!

Have a great weekend and enjoy the summer sunshine!

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