Chicago: What I Wore

Monday, August 5, 2013

This is the last blog about my Chicago trip! Today we are talking about what I wore while on vacation. Putting the CHIC in Chicago!

First, let me share with you that I packed everything into a carry on bag! I've gotten into the habit that so I don't have to deal with the stress, hassle and extra charges of checking a bag. The bag I used as my carry on was the Vera Bradley Weekender in Make Me Blush (retired print). It looks like the bag has been updated since I purchased mine but I'm sure it still does the job!

Speaking of bags, the purse I am carrying throughout the trip is my beloved Tory Burch Amanda Classic Handle Hobo in black.

The first outfit I wore was my outfit for the plan. I know most people like to dress very casual in tights and oversized shirts, hoodies, sweaters. I opt to go more preppy casual.
Outfit for the flight to Chicago
Sorry for the extremely dark photo but it was the best I could do at the moment. We weren't checked into our room yet and so I had to use a hallway of mirrors in the spa at the Ritz Carlton! I am wearing a white Ralph Lauren Polo oxford shirt with neon pink LOFT shorts and a Merona leopard print calf hair belt. My shoes are your standard Old Navy rubber flip flops. I originally had my leopard print Sperry's on but was worried about fitting them in my bag on the way home!

Since our room wasn't ready yet, I went down to the spa to change my top so that I could go out and explore the city in comfort. Let's remember it was July so even the mornings were hot and humid. I quickly through on a LOFT tie tank top and headed out to explore the city.
Ready to explore Chicago!
I wore that outfit all day shopping and then came back to the room to change for dinner. It was hot and I had wore my hair down so I decided to throw it up for dinner that evening.
Heart shaped cut out dress
This dress is by a Spanish brand called Kling. I found this dress at a local store called Loose Threads Boutique. I have no idea if the store still carries the brand as I have not been in for awhile. This dress was purchased awhile ago and I had finally found the right occasion to bring it out! The sandals are Sam & Libby. I love these sandals because they are padded, making it comfortable to navigate through a city yet stylish! Plus, they are neutral and go with everything!

The next morning it was time to hit the bean and the Chicago French market. This is what I wore while doing so!
LC Lauren Conrad Blouse with floral shorts

Bean Selfie!
The blouse is from Kohl's and I bought it just before I left for $16! It's a LC Lauren Conrad chiffon blouse great for work and play. I paired the top with floral linen shorts from LOFT and Sam & Libby sandals.

By the afternoon things had really heated up so I decided to thrown on a breezy dress for our Architecture Boat Cruise. I decided to go with this fun geo print LC Lauren Conrad dress
LC Lauren Conrad geo print dress
I paired the dress with sandals from Katie & Kelly, a brand that can be found at DSW. They are simple gold braided sandals.

For dinner at RPM that evening I decided to step things up! I curled my hair and put on my absolute favorite skirt from Target! The skirt makes me feel like Carrie Bradshaw for some reason.
Ombre hi-low skirt from Target
The purple to white ombre skirt is by Mossimo. I paired it with a plain white cotton tank from LOFT to keep things casual and then put my favorite statement necklace from Stella & Dot over top. I wore my Sam & Libby sandals to finish the look.

The next morning I quickly found out why they call Chicago the windy city. I wore this outfit to go get breakfast and quickly changed when I got back because I had to hold my skirt down the whole way back to the hotel!
Cute skirt, just not meant fro the windy city!
I recycled the plain white cotton tank from the night before to pair it with a floral print skirt from Mossimo Supply Co. I finished the look with again the Sam & Libby sandals (sooo comfortable!!).

I changed into shorts to ensure that I could be carefree and not worry about if my skirt/dress was going to blow up!
Cut offs and tank for a quick Lake Michigan cool down
I wore an old pair of Abercrombie & Fitch cut off shorts (circa 2005) and paired them with a j.crew ruffle tank top. I love this top so much! Once of the layers have unattached in the wash and I thought the shirt was a goner but my mom sewed it back and saved the day!
Fun sweetheart neckline dress from Urban Outfitters
For dinner I got changed into this fun strapless dress. I had purchased this years ago from Urban Outfitters but never wore it, typical. I found it while I was digging around in my closet before my trip and decided why not! It was comfortable and I loved the contrast of navy blue and lime green. For being years old, it was still trendy with the neon pop of color!

On the last day I wore the following dress for the majority of my day.

Polka dot dress with lace back and cutouts from Target
This polka dot dress is from Target's Mossimo Supply Co. line. I loved how comfortable the dress was as well as stylish. I paired it with my Feed USA + Target hoodie while in the aquarium.

I was unable to document my flight home outfit but it's okay because both items are no longer available. I wore a lace and chambray button down from anthropolgie with light green chino shorts from j.crew.

Hope you enjoyed this blog and the whole series for that matter!

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