Friday Fingers! & More *4th of July 2013*

Friday, July 5, 2013

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July yesterday! I was fortunate to have off today but I know many of my friends were not as lucky. For those of you that had to work, this "Happy Friday!!" is dedicated to you!

I also dedicated my nails to the holiday...

Patriotic 4th of July nails
These nails are fun, festive and very easy to re-create! Here's what you'll need:

  • Red nail polish
  • Blue nail polish
  • White nail polish with a thin brush tip
  • Your favorite top coat
The essentials for your patriotic nails
1. Start by painting your nails. I used essie lollipop on my pointer, middle and pinkie fingers. I then used essie butler please on my thumb and ring finger. I used two coats of each.

2. I used a top coat to help dry the polish a little faster.

3. Now comes the fun part! Take your white nail polish, I used the white from the Kiss nail artist set, and spill some out on a plate. Then take a bobby pin and separate it. Pick and end of the bobby pin and dipped it into the nail polish puddle. Using the bobby pins will make perfect polka dots every time! I made the polka dots on the blue nails, but you can do what you like.

4. To make the stripes, simply use the thin brush and glide it across the nail. I went with diagonal lines but you can go vertical or horizontal lines too!

5. Finish the look with another layer of top coat. Make sure you wait a little to add the top coat as some of my polka dots and stripes smeared because they weren't dry yet.

Now I figured I would add to the post and tell you what I wore and what I baked for the holiday as well!

What I wore:
Chambray dress with patent leather belt

The chambray dress is from Tommy Hilfinger (love the back cutout). It comes with a kelly green leather belt but I replaced it with a red patent leather belt for the holiday! I wanted to make it a casual look so I wore these Sam & Libby sandals (most comfortable sandals). My bracelets are Tiffany & Co. (I rarely take this off), Stella & Dot (one of my favorites) and Alex and Ani (an Irish girl always needs a lucky shamrock).

What I baked:
Sugar cookie fruit tart with nutella
I used this recipe but made some minor tweaks as always. I add nutella on the bottom before I spread the cream cheese mixture on top. The recipe also calls for vanilla extract, I have used almond extract before and really enjoyed that as well. I also bake it in a tart pan so it doesn't look like pizza.

Red velvet blueberry ice cream pie
If you have been reading the blog faithfully, you'll know this is my second ice cream pie of the summer! I really enjoy making these easy but highly delicious desserts. For this recipe, the only tweak I made was that I couldn't find blueberry sorbet. I tried three different stores! I substituted the sorbet for Ben & Jerry's Greek Yogurt.

Slice of red velvet blueberry ice cream pie
I hope you enjoyed the nail tutorial and the delicious recipes! See you next time for another exciting Friday Fingers!

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