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Monday, June 17, 2013

Over the weekend, I had some friends over and we spent time on my patio. While my patio is small it was perfect for a party of four! Since it is a small space, it made decorating it a challenge. Plus, I was trying to stay under my budget of $100.

My dear friend and I on my patio!
I was successful in finding great pieces of furniture and stayed under budget! All purchases were made back in March, so prices might be different in store. Everything except for the string lights were purchased at Lowe's.

Lightweight and stylish chair
I searched all over Target, Kohls, Kmart & Walmart before getting the idea to go to Lowe's. Not to say those other stores didn't have great products, because they did. They just didn't have anything in my budget or small space solutions.

I got two of these chairs for a total of $39.95 ($19.98 each). I might go back and get two more because these chairs stack (space saver!). I loved this blue/green color but the chairs also come in lime green and red. They are lightweight chairs, easy to move around. They are also very comfortable.

Simple side table
This table was on display at Lowe's with the chairs. They also have a larger dining table but the dimensions were cutting it too close. The sturdy side table was $19.98. When I bought it the sales associate added a $10 charge to have a Lowe's team member build it for me. I told her to remove that because I could do it myself. Yes, it does come in parts but I promise if I can put it together no problem, so can you!

Keep the bugs away in style!
I'm all about candles and so I wanted to pick up a lantern. This lantern not only looks cute but it helps keep the bugs away. This small lantern was $9.97, they also had different sizes available. As I mentioned before, I put citronella candles inside. I used the Tiki brand tea lights and they were $3.28 for 12 in a pack Tiki Outdoor Wax Tabletop Citronella Candle (they are cheaper online right now!).

Lightweight planter
I have always been into flowers. Probably because my grandmother always came over to my house and planted our for us in the summer and I assisted her. Flowers just add some much to a room or patio in my case. This planter is plastic but it certainly doesn't look like it! It was $19.97 and had plenty of space for four different kinds of flowers and greenery.

There is no hole in the bottom to drain so I highly recommend cutting one out before planting your flowers. I had layered rocks in the bottom to create a draining system but it didn't work. While PA was being soaked with rain the flowers retained too much water and most of them have died now.

These string lights look pretty and add ambiance 

These lights were the only purchase not made at Lowe's. They were of course purchased at Target! These lights completed my patio space and I am so please that I bought them. I am fortunate that there is a plug right on the patio so I can plug them in plus still have a free plug to play music with. The string of lights were $12.99 but I had a $3 off coupon so I really paid $9.99. In hindsight, I should have bought another pack so they would have went around the whole fence.

As a side note: the welcome mat is from Target also. I don't remember how much I paid for it because I got when I first moved here. I moved the mat to the patio when I got the chairs because it went so well!
Different views of the whole patio put together.

While I had my friends out on the patio, we enjoyed a new dessert I made. It's called ice cream pie. I got the recipe from Real Simple. Their recipe called for mint chocolate chip ice cream. I made mine with cookie dough ice cream and added caramel and hot fudge topping. Super easy recipe, you can't mess this up. The best part is it's no bake!

I hope you got some inspiration on decorating your outdoor space and if not you at least leave with an awesome dessert recipe!

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