MAC, Sephora, Target & Ulta Beauty Haul!

Monday, June 10, 2013

I have been hoarding makeup to show you! I got some nail polish which I won't show you here because I'll be featuring it on Friday Fingers! At this point you've already seen two out of the four, Sunday Funday and Boom Boom Room. So let's get right down to it!

Starting with Sephora...
NARS satin lip pencil - Yu
Starting off with some bright, bold color! NARS recently came out with another finish of their lip pencil, satin. I now own all of the finishes: satin, gloss and matte. I love them all! These pencils are sleek and convenient to carry, in even the thinest of clutches. The color goes on easy and effortlessly. While I don't find the staying power invincible, that doesn't keep me from buying again and again.

The color Yu is a bright, look at me pink. It's perfect for those summer nights going out for ladies night!  I can't wait to use it now that I have a bit of a tan going (the picture is pre-tan)! Step out of your comfort zone and buy this color! The lip pencil is $25.
Josie Maran bohemian waves argan hair mist
I'm just letting you know I picked up the Josie Maran bohemian waves in this haul. You can read my review on it here! Spoiler Alert: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!
Oh, Lola! by Marc Jacobs rollerball
I'm in the market for a new perfume. I currently wear Marc Jacobs Daisy. I love it, don't get me wrong, just looking to mix it up. I hate the baby powder smelling perfumes so chole perfumes and flower bomb are out. I love Jo Malone scents but there just isn't a Nordstrom's at my finger tips.

I decided to try a new perfume in the same Marc Jacobs family. Oh, Lola! is a fruity and floral scent. It had me at "Oh" when I saw it had notes of peony, my favorite flower. I'm happy with buying the rollerball size because while I enjoy the scent I still want to explore my options without wasting a ton of money. If you have any suggestions on a new perfume leave them in the comments, PLEASE! The rollerball size was $22.
Too Faced lip creme - Marshmallow Bunny
This color might look familiar because I wore it for my friend's wedding! This lipstick is perfect if you just want a little somethin' somethin'. It's easy to apply and it is super moisturizing. Since it has a pale pink color I have to pair it with a smokey eye so keep the focus on my dramatic eyes. I would be careful about keep this color in your bag though. Since it is a creme finish it's already very "mushy" a little bit of heat with summer coming and you might have a mess on your hands when you go to apply. This will easily become one of my favorite lip colors. This lipstick is priced at $21.
Sephora nano eyeliner pencil - Sapphire 
For those of you that don't know, I have blue eyes. I know that browns really bring out my baby blues but I wanted to try something new. I feel like when I wear blue it also makes my eyes come alive, so why not try blue eyeliner. Well let me tell you, everyone has a blue eyeliner! I must have swatched at least 15 colors, before I decided on Sephora's Sapphire Blue (23). It's a nano eyeliner pencil so it's very petite so if I don't like it, it won't take long to go through it. I have yet to use it but when I do I might do a tutorial on how I used it. Since it was nano size it only set me back $5!

That was the majority of the haul so on to Ulta next...
Too Faced lip creme - Juicy Melons
I was so obsessed the way Marshmallow Bunny swatched on my hand that I wanted another color. I was in the market for a color lip for summer so when I saw Juicy Melons, I knew I had to have it. However, Sephora was all out. Luckily, I live my an Ulta too so I quickly headed there and was able to get my hands on this bright coral. Not much else to say since I already talked about this product, just another great color in the collection!
Urban Decay eyeshadow - Snatch
Again, I was swatching away in Sephora and came across this beauty of an eyeshadow. They were again out of it so I headed to my Ulta. I've never bought any of UD's individual eyeshadows because I've been so content with both Naked palettes. It's a simple color that can be worn on it's own or be used as a base for layering shadows. It's a soft peach shimmer with hints of gold glitter flecks. The gold flecks unfortunately don't stay on very long. But the peach shimmer does last all day and night. I can't wait to wear this color all summer long. It's $18 for an individual UD eyeshadow.

It's time to Target...
Up & Up eyeshadow brush
Across from the Ulta is a Target! I stopped at the Target to do my regular grocery shopping. When I was in the beauty section I happened upon these brushes by Up & Up. I was in the market for a new, inexpensive brush to use with my new UD eyeshadow. This was perfect. While I don't see this brush lasting for a long time it will serve it's purpose. The bristles are also starting to come loose, but for $2.49 I expect that. If you're looking for long term brushes, I wouldn't recommend it.

Lastly, MAC...
MAC minerlize moisture SPF 15 - NW20 and NW25
I got a coupon in the mail to stop by my MAC counter to get a three day sample of their new foundation. It's called MAC mineralize moisture SPF 15. I do not wear foundation on a regular basis.  However, I figured I would give this a try. The woman at the MAC counter was by herself the day I went so she didn't have time to match me. Since that happened she wound up giving me two shades. 

The light shade (NW20) was almost a complete match. The darker color (NW25) might be alright for me to wear now that I have some color. I swatched them both on my hand in the upper left of the picture. You can't really see the light color because it blended so well but you can see the dewy look of the skin. The woman at the MAC counter did say that this foundation would leave a wet, dewy look to your face. I'm not really a fan of that, I think all too often people can mistake dewy for oily. I don't think I will be purchasing a full size of this product, if you are interested in it though a 1oz. bottle is $33.

That's all the makeup I have for now! I hope you enjoyed what you saw and that got inspired to create your own summer looks!

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