FEED USA + Target Review

Sunday, June 30, 2013

I love all the collaborations that Target brings to us! However,  I am most excited for the FEED USA + Target collection! I am all about paying it forward because you never know when you will be in need yourself.

First, let me tell you a little bit about FEED USA and how buying items from the FEED USA + Target collection will help others.

FEED USA is a new campaign launched by FEED Projects and FEED Foundation, both founded by Lauren Bush Lauren. FEED USA will improve school lunches across America and educate children on healthy nutrition. To date, FEED (established in 2007) has donated over $6 million and 60 million meals.

How it works: When you buy an item(s) from the FEED USA + Target, 10% of original retail (excluding tax) of store sales from 6/30 - 10/12 will be donated to Feeding America. $1 is equal to 8 meals secured by Feeding America on behalf of local food banks.

The whole collection is filled with red, white and blue. Which is perfect for the 4th of July but also appealing if you're into the Americana look, like I am! I also feel that they went with the color because the proceeds will be benefiting Feeding America.

FEED USA + Target Sign
The FEED USA + Target collection launched today (6/30/13). I arrived at my Target by 9a.m. and everything was still in stock and basically untouched. There were three different locations where the collection items were located: Women's, Men's and Home. All locations were designated by the FEED USA + Target signs hanging from the ceiling.

Women's FEED USA + Target items:

FEED USA + Target baseball 3/4 sleeve t-shirts
These baseball t-shirts were really cute and very soft. I love the navy blue and red, it's very festive for the upcoming holiday! I would recommend buying a size up because they looked very short in length. One shirt gives 16 meals.
FEED USA + Target totes and purses
I immediately fell in love with the burlap tote bag (top left) because I love a big bag. However, once I had it on it really overpowered me. I would recommend this bag as the perfect family beach tote or for a teacher who is always bringing tests and assignments to and from school. The inside was cute with navy blue background with white polka dots!

The big burlap tote, the orange tote (bottom left) and the green and orange backpack (bottom left) provide 28 meals. The orange and white purse (bottom right) and the navy blue purse (top right) provide 20 meals.
FEED USA + Target t-shirts
These v-neck t-shirts are a great buy if you want to support but can't afford a lot. They are $18 each and provide 14 meals! My favorites are the red which says "feed love with love" and the yellow which says "feed mind body soul."
FEED USA + Target tanks and zip up hoodies
If you must by something from this collection, let it be the heathered zip up hoodie! I got the red one this morning and I am currently wearing it as I type this blog. It's not your typical hoodie, it feels and wears more like a sweater. It hugs the body instead of being bulky, I bought a size small. It's also extremely soft. The hoodie was $25 and provides 20 meals. On the red hoodie, the logo is on the hood and on the grey, you can see it's on the front left.

The tanks are also available, my favorite being the grey with word feed going down the side. Each tank provides 12 meals.
FEED USA + Target assorted jean apparal
The FEED USA + Target collection is big on jean apparel for men and women. Featured here is the jean button down shirt (bottom left), the chambray sleeveless button down (right side) and the jean vest with sweatshirt hood (top left). My favorite of the three is the sleeveless button down. I feel I could get use out of it for a casual Friday at my job. The vest comes in for a close 2nd. The long sleeve shirt provides 22 meals, the vest provides 24 meals and the sleeveless chambray provides 20 meals.
FEED USA + Target bracelets and scarves
I went in thinking I was going to buy a bracelet today, but when I got there I did not. I really liked the wooden bead bracelet online when photos were released but when I go to the store and saw it came in a collection I passed. I wish all the bracelets (bottom left and top photo) has been sold separately. They also had necklaces and the scarves (bottom right). I really enjoyed the scarves because they all had tassels at the ends but I could not justify buying yet another scarf!

The scarves feed 14 meals, the bracelets feed between 6 - 12 meals and the necklaces (not pictured) feed between 12 - 14 meals.

Home FEED USA + Target items:

FEED USA + Target bakeware
The bakeware was top on the priority list. However, when I found the items I was disappointed and left them back on the shelves. Large (bottom) provides 20 meals, medium (middle) provides 16 meals and small (top) provides 13 meals.

First of all, these items are not dishwasher safe. I'm assuming it's because of how they painted the designs on the sides. I need to be able to use the dishwasher on my kitchen items. Upon closer examination the largest of the three had stick stuff on the sides. Yes, I'm sure it would have came off with some goo gone but I should have to do that to brand new product and what if it would have taken the paint off the side!? Very disappointing that I had to leave these behind.
FEED USA + Target assorted home items
The coasters (bottom left) were really cute and made of felt. The coasters are not available online so I'm unable to let you know how many meals they provide. I love the ceramic canisters. There are three in collection (bottom right). They have rubber stoppers on the bottom so they don't move on your counter tops and nice secure wooden lids. The melamine appetizer plates (top right) are fun. They come in a set of four and each one has a different design. Lastly, is the acrylic water bottle. The water bottles have 3 patterns and have wooden lids which make them stand out from any other water bottles I've seen. They also have a loop on the lid that you can wrap around your wrist and take with you on a walk.

The canisters feed 10 (small & medium size) or 12 (large size), the water bottles feed 10 and the appetizer plates ($10 for a set of 4) feed 8.
FEED USA + Target dining essentials
All of the plates (set of 4) and bowls (set of 4) are made of melamine are come in red, green or blue. The tumblers (set of 4) and mugs (set of 4) are ceramic and come in the same three colors. My must have would be the oversized mugs. I use my oversized mugs as ice cream bowls and cereal bowls as well as for tea. The collection also as a 12 piece set of knife, fork and spoon. However, again these are to be hand washed only.

Provides 16 meals (flatware, mugs and tumblers) and 8 meals (plates and bowls).
FEED USA + Target kitchen essentials
I debated a long time over the set of three dishtowels. In the end I did not purchase only because I have a roommate and between the two of us we already have enough. Plus, I feel like I would only use the seasonally because their red, white and blue theme. I also almost bought the pie pan and serving dish because I LOVE to bake and entertain and I have been doing both more frequently. The lunch bags were cute and seemed fitting for the FEED cause but I already a lunch bag.

Pie plate comes in red or blue (bottom left) provides 12 meals, serving bowl comes in green (top right) provides 20 meals, lunch bags come in a variety of colors and sizes (bottom right) provides 8 meals and dishtowels come in blue and white or yellow and red provide 6 meals.
FEED USA + Target throws and pillows
The following items are some of my favorites from the collection. I love the pillows (bottom left) however my store only have the two pillows shown. I wanted two of the "feed love with love" and so I would have had to bought this one and then gone to another Target to get another one. The throws (bottom right & top left) are super soft and I regret not buying one (I might have to go back and get one, even though I have a million throws). The storage bins (bottom left) have plenty of room but they are a little too minimalist or industrial looking for my taste. Lastly, the burlap reusable bag (top right) is cute and goes back the where it all began for FEED selling the burlap bags. However, I already have a surplus of reusable bags.

Pillows provide 20 meals each, a throw provides 24 meals, the storage bins provide 20 meals each and the reusable tote provides 8 meals.
FEED USA + Target stationary items
This picture is a big of everything. It includes the last of the kitchen stuff and stationary items which would make really great gifts. The thermal mugs are always practical for the coffee lover. There is an apron and set of 5 cookie cutters for the baker in the family. There is a phone cover and an iPad cover for the tech guru. Also various sized notebooks/journals and even a planner for the college bound graduates. There are note cards and playing cards that just about anyone can enjoy!

The various items provide between 8 - 28 meals.

Men's FEED USA + Target items:

FEED USA + Target hoodies,  utility shirt and t-shirt
Even though I don't have a man in my life, I still went and perused the items in the men's department. Let me tell you if I did have a boyfriend he would be wearing the pullover hoodie (top left) with the buttons with FEED logo on the sleeve (bottom middle). I mean. They also have a zip up hoodie (top right) for men. They have a large array of t-shirts (bottom right) and a dark wash utility shirt (bottom left).

The button down shirt provides 20 meals, t-shirts provide 12 meals and hoodies provide 20 meals.
FEED USA + Target baseball hats and t-shirts
Every guy loves a baseball hat so I'm happy to them in the collection. This picture also shows more t-shirts available for men. The baseball hats and t-shirts provide 12 meals each. Ladies, educate your men on the cause you they will get some stylish clothes for a great cause!
FEED USA + Target murses
Lastly, I found these two bags in the men's section. Is target trying to sell murses or were these just misplaced? The tote (left) and the messenger bag (right) are both $30 and provide 24 meals each.


Overall, I thought the collection was good. Here's why I say that. I think that the Targets didn't get enough stock. As I had mentioned earlier, they only have two pillow, one of each pattern. You didn't have the option to buy two of the same pattern. If you want something get it sooner rather than later because most stores only have two of each item, excluding clothing items.

I was disappointed that all of the dishes weren't ceramic. I also extremely disappointed in the fact that some of the products are not dishwasher safe. Items in the collection are things that a lot of people already own. It's hard to buy something, even for a good cause, if I know I already have something similar at home.

While I love Americana inspired items year round, not everyone does. I feel like this collection will only appeal to a select market. People will only want to use it part of the year based on the patriotic theme, so they might not see the value of paying $30 for something they will only use part-time.

I hope you enjoyed my review and found it helpful before you go out and view the products for yourself. Don't forget to comment below with your thoughts on the collection and let me know what you got!

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