Rave & Review: Josie Maran Bohemian Waves Argan Hair Mist

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I am so excited to talk to you about my new favorite hair product! Through my blog posts you've seen my hair super straight to loosely curled. However, you have yet to see my natural hair...until now!

I have loose wavy hair when I let my hair air dry. I rarely wear my hair in it's natural state because I could never find a product that helped keep my hair from frizzing AND keep the wave. My hair is very fine and so the slightest bit of product build up turns my waves to straight hair that looks dirty from the product.
Jose Maran bohemian waves bottle details

I was in Sephora the one day, just browsing, when I came across the Josie Maran section. I saw this box that claimed to give "beachy" waves to hair. I was skeptical, but for $22 I decided it was worth a try!

The most important thing to remember when using this product is that if you don't have wavy or curly texture to your hair, don't expect a miracle. By this I mean, if you have stick straight hair you can expect that beautiful waves are going to magically form. I think many people felt this way when they wrote their reviews on Sephora.

Front view on my bohemian waves!
I start off with taking a shower to get my hair wet (you can use the product on dry hair as well). Immediately after my shower, I wrap my hair up for 15 minutes. That helps take some of the excess water and make my hair damp enough to apply the product. Next, I spray the product generously over my hair from root to tip but primarily focusing on the ends. After that I let the product do it's work and let my hair air dry.

Closeup of my Josie Maran bohemian waves.
I love this product because it enhances my natural waves and lasts all day, even into the next day! The product is not drying even though it has salt as an ingredient. The argan oil helps counteract the drying effects of the salt to keep hair hydrated. The only negative I have about the product is the smell. While spraying the product, I get a musty smell. Luckily, that smell fades away so it doesn't keep me from using the product. It's the perfect solution for my fellow land locked states that want that beach look without driving down to the shore!

This hairstyle is perfect for summertime. It's an effortless style that your friends will be sure to envy.  Stop fussing with curling wands and sleeping on braids and just buy this spray! Hope you enjoyed my review!

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