Friday Fingers! *Wedding Guest Nails*

Friday, May 24, 2013

I'm excited to be back with Friday Fingers! It's a special edition as my friend is getting married this weekend and I am attending her wedding! I'll do a blog post showing what I wore to the wedding/reception and pictures from the wedding/reception.

I got my nails professionally done this week because I really needed my cuticles cleaned up. I actually think they look crappy. The color at the tip of my nails is too thin and will probably be chipped by tomorrow. Very disappointing, considering there is three coats of polish on the rest of my nails.

Essie not just a pretty face

The number one rule of the wedding guest is to not take attention away from the bride. That's why no one wears white to weddings. I figured I would apply that knowledge to my nails too. I chose essie's not just a pretty face from the Summer 2009 collection.

The color is neutral but not a true nude because of it's rose tint. I had never used this polish until now. I'm happy to chose the color. It's got enough color to be noticed but not overpowering.

The only negative is that it does go on thin and so three coats was required to get full coverage without streaking. The photo on the left is taken with artificial light and the right is taken in daylight. Don't let my bad manicure discourage you from trying this color!

Stay tuned I've got some more Friday Fingers! coming up...went on a nail polish spree! P.S. The bride will be wearing one of my favorite nudes... OPI mimosas for mr. & mrs. 

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