Friday Fingers! *Essie Summer 2013*

Friday, May 31, 2013

Hello everyone! Happy Friday! Looks like the weather is going to be nice and hot here in Pennsylvania, super excited about that! To help welcome the heat I decieded to bring out a new color from essie's Summer 2013 collection, Sunday Funday.

Essie sunday funday - Summer 2013 collection (artifical light)

Rave & Review: Josie Maran Bohemian Waves Argan Hair Mist

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I am so excited to talk to you about my new favorite hair product! Through my blog posts you've seen my hair super straight to loosely curled. However, you have yet to see my natural hair...until now!

I have loose wavy hair when I let my hair air dry. I rarely wear my hair in it's natural state because I could never find a product that helped keep my hair from frizzing AND keep the wave. My hair is very fine and so the slightest bit of product build up turns my waves to straight hair that looks dirty from the product.
Jose Maran bohemian waves bottle details

My Memorial Day Weekend

Monday, May 27, 2013

I don't normally share a lot of my personal life with you because you mostly just come here for the fashion and beauty hauls. But I had the best Memorial Day Weekend and if you don't mind I'd like to share the details with you! If you do mind, skip this post but I've got an exciting product review so check back this week.

The newly married couple!

Friday Fingers! *Wedding Guest Nails*

Friday, May 24, 2013

I'm excited to be back with Friday Fingers! It's a special edition as my friend is getting married this weekend and I am attending her wedding! I'll do a blog post showing what I wore to the wedding/reception and pictures from the wedding/reception.

I got my nails professionally done this week because I really needed my cuticles cleaned up. I actually think they look crappy. The color at the tip of my nails is too thin and will probably be chipped by tomorrow. Very disappointing, considering there is three coats of polish on the rest of my nails.

Essie not just a pretty face

Rave & Review: Skinsense

Sunday, May 19, 2013

I'm here to introduce you to a new brand of natural skin products. The brand is called Skinsense. It's locally owned and operated here in Pennsylvania. However, Skinsense is available everyone online here!

Skinsense stash!

Mother's Day 2013

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers out there, especially my Mother!

I am so lucky to have such a wonderful and caring Mommy. She sacrificed a lot staying home to be with my sister and I when we were little. Now she works full-time and is pursuing her Doctorate, Dr. Mom! My Mom was cool back then and she still amazes me today! Even though we are no longer under the same roof, I'll always be her baby girl! I love you, Mommy!

My Mom, my sister and I! That's me in my Mom's belly in the top middle!

LOFT Spring/Summer 2013 Haul

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

This week I am bringing you my first LOFT haul. Let me make that clear, this is my first documented LOFT haul. I have been shopping at the LOFT for about two years faithfully. I've made friends with two of the sales associates and they hook my friends and I up with private shopping events and special discounts!

I love the LOFT for their clothes but also for their constant sales. When I shop for clothes I look for versatility. I want clothes that I can wear but also wear out after work. The LOFT is constantly having sales during the week and on weekends. It's not just 15% off either. It's almost always 30% - 40% off!

Recently, I shopped there for their Friends and Family event. The whole store was 40% off! I didn't go crazy like I normally do at these sales because most of the items I was looking for were sold out in my size. I did most of my shopping online because sizes and styles were limited in store.