Lay's Flavor Finalist - Chicken & Waffles

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Welcome to Part 2 of my Lay's "Do Us a Flavor" review. Today, I am reviewing chicken & waffles.

I did not purchase this bag of chips. My wonderful mother found this flavor of chip at her local Weis Markets and therefore I am not sure how much she paid for the bag of chips either.

Front bag view of chicken & waffles

The bag is blue in color. I don't get any association to the color and the flavor as I did with the other flavors. I have to say I was very apprehensive about trying this flavor, so maybe the blue color was supposed to relax me and put me at easy why I sample.

Alright, let's talk calories! I know it's the first place I look when I'm trying to decide if I should really eat something or not. The chicken & waffles chips have 160 calories per 17 chips. 17 chips doesn't really sounds like a lot but trust me it's plenty.

The ingredients for the chicken & waffles chip seasoning are brown sugar, sugar, onion powder, skim milk, spices (vague), garlic powder and paprika to name a few. With the brown sugar, sugar and milk it sounds like the ingredients to a cake more than a chip.

My parents had already dived into the bag without me so I wasn't able to have the first smell. However,  when I opened the bag myself I thought I immediately smelled PANCAKES! This made me eagerly want to try the chips.

Chicken & waffles chip seasoning

On first taste, I get a maple syrup flavor. It's a buttery, rich taste the floods your mouth. You don't feel like you ate a chip. I felt like I just took a bite of a short stack. The flavor of the seasoning is really sweet and rich. There is no way I could eat 17 chips in one sitting. I actually only ate five chips before I called it quits. After, I stopped eating the chips I started to get the taste of chicken to come through. I think whatever spices Lay's used finally came through and triggered my brain to think of chicken/broth. 

I think this chip was an interesting chip flavor to try but I do not see myself re-purchasing again and again. A for effort, but I'd rather have real waffles, extra calories and all!

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