Kate Young for Target Review

Monday, April 15, 2013

Yesterday, April 14, was the launch of yet another Target collaboration... Kate Young for Target. In this blog entry I am going to showcase some of my favorite dresses and accessories that caught my eye.

First, a little bit about Kate Young. Kate started her career working for Anna Wintour at Vouge in the fashion department. She also worked at Interview magazine. Kate currently consults with well known brands as well as popular designers for shows and collections. She is also highly sought after for red carpet events by celebrities like Michelle Williams and Natalie Portman.

My local Target had seven dresses from the collection and one bodysuit. I tried on three of the dresses available.

Chiffon Dress - Leopard Print - $49.99

Kate Young for Target leopard print dress
This dress was the most comfortable out of the three I had tried on. I think the light chiffon fabric had a lot to do with the comfort. The length was perfect even for my long legs! I would definitely be able to wear this to a work event.

Kate Young for Target leopard dress details
I loved the bright red patent leather bow belt, it made the dress feel ultra feminine. The ruching between the bust was a nice detail as well as the wavy pleats at the bottom. I love leopard but this white print isn't doing it for me. From far away it looks like a borrowed it from Cruella Deville.

Peplum Dress - Rose Print - $49.99

Kate Young for Target peplum
I love peplum style dresses! Peplum style dresses are your best friend, they instantly cinch your waist. I was super excited when I saw this in store. This dress is silky in texture but still structured as a peplum should be. The print is intimidating at first but once on it's stunning.

Rose print peplum details
The details are again a favorite of mine. There is a ruffle that runs down the middle of the dress from the peplum ruffle down. It helps give texture and breaks up the pattern. Now, onto the negatives. I didn't like that the back had this large slit in it. If it was an actual peep hole I would have loved it but the slit just makes it look like you ripped the dress. The length was a little on the short side. I would not be able to wear this to a work event. Also, I found this dress to be a tad restricting from the waist down.

Lace Peplum Dress - Navy/Black - $59.99

Navy and black peplum by Kate Young for Target
Yes another peplum! I wasn't kidding when I said I was a big fan of the peplum. This one hands down is my favorite of the three dresses I had tried on. At first glance I was unsure about the navy and black combo but once on I forgot all about my worries.

Details on navy/black peplum dress
My favorite things about the dress are the black satin bow belt that cinches your waist even more. I'm also a big fan of the gold, exposed zipper. The floral pattern on the lace also give the dark colors some feminine charm. The only negatives I have are it's a little short for my long legs, the lace on the top doesn't stay up and I again felt the dress was a tad restricting from the waist down.

The other clothing items my Target had, but I didn't try on:

Let's move to accessories and shoes next! Kate Young for Target has four pairs of shoes. One pair of pumps in two colors (black and red), leopard print leopard booties and strappy black sandals.

Naya ankle bootie w/ bow- $44.99, Neema pump w/ flame detail - $39.99, Novalee sandal pump w/ bow detail - $39.99
There are clutches galore in the Kate Young for Target collection!

Satin clutches by Kate Young for Target - $19.99
My favorite clutch of all is the Structured Envelope Wristlet. The wristlet comes in both black and tan. This is the only item from the collection I think I am going back for...if it's still there! Who could say no to the price tag of $19.99. I love the sleek look on the outside and the fun arrow but the polka dot inside is so precious!

Envelope Wristlet from the Kate Young for Target collection 
I hope you enjoyed my review of the Kate Young for Target collection. Don't forget to comment below and tell me what you got from the collection or what you can't wait to get your hands on!


  1. Great review. I love the shots of all the accessories.

    1. Hey Nicole! I went back today and got the tan (I would call it blush) envelope arrow clutch! Hope you took a look around at some of my other posts!