Friday Fingers! *Pretty Pastels*

Friday, April 12, 2013

It's been a rainy Friday here in Pennsylvania. However, my pastel favorites are sure to brighten your day!

I have a busy weekend so my nails are casual. This weekend is a big fundraiser for the school where I work. My office is in charge of running the evening's festivities. I kept my nails to a regular old polish in case I needed to do any quick touch ups!

I could not decide on a color for this weekend. I first had ballet slippers then not just a pretty face and then a nude color from my Deborah Lippmann True Blood collection. That's when I picked up my tried and true, fiji! This is by far one of my all time favorite colors. In case you haven't noticed...I own quite a bit of nail polish and so to say that is kinda a big deal.

Fiji swatch

This color is a soft, milky pink. I love this color because it's almost a nude nail but it has just enough color to make your nails stand out. My favorite time to wear this color is in the summer because it enhances my tan (or so I think!) but I wear it year round. This color is also a favorite on my toes!

More fiji goodness
Since this wasn't one of my fun Friday Fingers! tutorials I thought I would throw in a bonus and give you my top 5 favorite pastel color in my collection! Comment below and let me know what you think and also let me know your favorite pastel polishes (always looking to expand my collection)!

My Pastel Favorites
From right to left: essie mint candy apple, essie fiji, essie bikini so teeny, essie a crewed interest and OPI panda-monium pink


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