Friday Fingers! *Nude Leopard Print*

Friday, April 19, 2013

HAPPY FRIDAY! This has been a long week for me and I am ready to get wild! Wild with my Friday Fingers!, I mean! This week I am going to tell you step by step how to get my nude leopard print nails.

Nude Leopard Print Nails

What you'll need:
Your favorite nude nail polish
Black & white nail polish
A bobby pin or sharpened pencil
Piece of scrap paper
Top coat

1. Paint your nails with two coats of your favorite nude nail polish. I chose to use OPI's mimosas for Mr. & Mrs. To help the drying process I used my blow dryer to help speed up dry time.

[NOTE] I did one hand at a time, as to not smudge my hard work!

2. Next I used the white polish in my Kiss nail artist set to make small white dots around my nails. I chose to only put the leopard print on my ring finger and thumb but you can do all the nails, if desired.

[NOTE] I picked up this kit at Target and I plan to do a review sometime soon! The kit came with black, white and glittery silver polishes with extra fine brushes. The kit also came with 30 stencils to use on your nails.

Kiss Nail Artist
3. I took the bobby pin and pulled it apart, making a large L shape.

4. Using the black nail polish, I blotted a puddle onto the piece of scrap paper. I then took my bobby pin and dipped it into the puddle. I dotted once on the paper to get some excess polish off.

[NOTE] You can use a sharpened pencil instead of a bobby pin. Depending on how sharp the pencil is will determine the size of your spots.

5. Dot the bobby pin along the edges of your white dots. Alternate using parenthesis around the dots and making the letter C. The black should never make a full circle around the white dot. Dip the bobby pin in the puddle as needed.

6. If you have empty spaces after you're done making your leopard spots, go back and add a solid black dot (if needed). Ex. My thumb nail had a open spot so I added a black dot, my ring finger was full and didn't need a black spot.

7. Make sure to use a top coat to protect your work of art!

Leopard Print Party Nail

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