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Monday, March 18, 2013

In the beginning I said this blog was going to be for makeup, fashion and cats. Well, here is my first of many blog entries about cats! If you're not a cat person, keep reading this might give you a change of heart.

I am a proud mom of a 12 year old furbaby named Lucifer. Lucifer is a handsome American Shorthair black tabby with stunning mint chocolate chip eyes. I adopted him Forgotten Felines and Fidos which ran weekend adoption events in a shopping center which is now a Target. He will always be my best friend. Bible.

Lucifer Selfie

I will tell you more about Lucifer in the future but for right now I'd like to introduce you to another cat.

My sister, +Jessica Kern, also has a cat, Milo. When my sister went away on vacation she asked me to follow the vet where she was boarding Milo. I asked why and she said they post pictures sometimes of the cat being boarded. I reluctantly started following The Cat Doctor on facebook.

The vet never posted any photos of Milo but they did post photos of other cats and I grew to really enjoy the anticipation of cute cats filling up my news feed!

Then the day came where they posted this photo:

Photo via The Cat Doctor
I thought I was looking at Simba when the stampede of wildebeest is coming towards him. I immediately combed the facebook page for more information on his little guy. I then texted my sister and said I needed to adopt this cat. Look at that face!

This is Roger. He came from ACCT (Animal Care & Control Team) of Philadelphia. He was transferred over to The Cat Doctor because he has a "horrific" wound on his leg as well as a dislocated fracture. Roger's health needed to improve before an amputation could happen.

Photos via The Cat Doctor

Everyone on facebook has been sending this little guy positive vibes and the surgery happened on Friday, March 15. The vet's staff said he is chatty (reminds me of Lucifer) and that he seemed like a different kitten this weekend. Roger just has a cold now, which is most likely due to all the stress he has been under. Those droopy ears are starting to perk up!

Once Roger has been released from The Cat Doctor it looks like City Kitties will take over. If you would like to donate towards Roger's care go to City Kitties website to find out how. This could count as one of your 26 acts of kindness! Please continue to  keep this little cutie in your thoughts!

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