How-to: Host a Stella & Dot Party

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

As promised, this is my second part of my Stella & Dot experience!

I've heard of many in-home jewelry party companies. When I was working in high school my co-workers would host Silpada parties, never went nor purchased. Then I went to a Lia Sophia party that one of my mom's co-workers was hosting. I had a great time and made three purchases that night (I was only satisfied with one of them). That party, however, made me want to host my own jewelry show.

I went home and researched to find the perfect jewelry brand for me which was Stella & Dot. It's a young, fun and stylish line of jewelry worn by celebrities and featured in nation-wide magazines. If you've never heard of Stella & Dot check out my collection.

My stylist, Beth Tucker, was informative, accessible and friendly. Beth knows her products and will show you multiple ways to wear it. Beth was also with me every step of the way from first contact to making sure I had placed my hostess party order weeks later. I never felt alone and she even called me the night before my party to check in. Lastly, Beth fit right in with my friends and family and was not shy. She went right in and allowed my guests to try on everything, even earrings (she brought alcohol cloths to clean afterward)! With Beth's help I had a successful Stella & Dot trunk show.

Here are some tips for you that I think worked for me!

1. Date: I hosted my party on December 2, 2012. I planned to have my party in December because I was hoping that my guests would treat themselves but also be buying as gifts for others! Yes, picking December was dicey because of all the holiday parties but...

2. Online Orders: ...Since I thought about that beforehand I had my stylist set up an online trunk show. Setting up the online trunk show allowed me to still collect orders from guests who could not attend physically on December 2. As soon as my online trunk show was set up (November 14, 2012) my guests were able to shop. The online trunk show stayed active 3 weeks after my physical trunk show. All online orders shipped immediately.

3. Time: I chose to host my party from 11a.m. - 2p.m. I went with a 3 hour time span rather than a 2 because I wanted my trunk show to be more casual come and go as you please.

4. Setting: I had the party at my new house. Having it here also served as a housewarming party. It also made some guests come who probably wouldn't have normally attended just a jewelry show. Having it in a comfortable setting also allowed my guests to feel welcome so they stayed longer and the open floor plan allowed great areas for people to shop, socialize and eat.

5. Refreshments: I decided to keep my menu light. I had muffins, cookies, a veggie tray, donut holes and chocolate covered marshmallows with Christmas colored sprinkles. Now you need something to wash it all down with...WINE! I had about 5 bottles of wine and 1 bottle of champagne. As my one friend said, keep her glass full and she'll spend money! I also had apple cider, orange juice and water for guests.

6. Over Invite: I invited 40 people, knowing that all of them wouldn't all RSVP yes. I had 15 guests come to my actual trunk show on December 2, 2012. More on this later!

7. Make Contact: My stylist set up an evite for me but also mailed me stationary invites (they were free) for me to mail to my guests. I opted to do both because the more contact the better. About a week before the event I emailed everyone to remind them to RSVP and also sent them my link to my online trunk show one last time. To tempt people I also gave out catalogs my stylist had mailed me as well.

My trunk show had 15 orders placed which was a total of $1,846.80 in retail sales. Using the chart below to calculate your total rewards, I earned $461.70 in credit and 4, 50% off discounts!

I had 15 total orders, 10 orders place on December 2 at my trunk show and 5 online trunk show orders. I had 1 guest spend over $400, 1 guest spend over $300, 1 guest spend over $200, 3 guests spend over $100, 5 guests spend less than $100 but more than $50 and 4 guests spend less than $50.

Having 5 online truck show orders was a great asset to my retail sales. Funny story, my sister who was hesitant to come in the first place loved the show! Placed an order at my house then went home and told her boyfriend and he went online and placed an order for his mother for Christmas! This is why it's so important to have that online trunk show, you never know who might place an order.

I placed my first order through Beth on December 17, 2012. I used 2 half off discounts and paid the rest with credits. I owed $194.94 (because you can't use credits to pay off the rest of your half off items)  that price includes the $5.95 flat rate shipping fee and $35.49 sales tax. Not bad considering the subtotal before discounts was $739!

My second order I placed on January 9, 2013 using my Dot Dollars. Dot Dollars are a promotion that Stella & Dot ran during the month of December for my trunk show guests, online orders and myself. For every $50 you spent you got $25 Dot Dollars to be used from January 1 - 10, 2013. I used 1 half off discount and used up all three of my Dot Dollar codes. I owed $107.54 including $5.95 shipping and $6.09 in sales tax. The subtotal before discounts was $205.

I hope these tips help you plan your Stella & Dot trunk show or maybe encourage you to host your own!


  1. Thank you for your kind words about myself and Stella & Dot...and for the How To!!! It was a pleasure doing a trunk show with you and look forward to the next one!!

    1. I can't wait for the next trunk show too! I'll get to update everyone on all the new, fabulous products Stella & Dot has to offer!

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