Friday Fingers! Pink Sparkle Tutorial

Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday has finally arrived and so has Spring! Too bad there is still flurries in the forecast.  For Friday Fingers I chose to go with a soft pink with a gold glitter top coat for this weekend. Find out how I achieved the look!

Heavenly manicure

This is the second time I've done this style of nail. The first time I used OPI Mimosas of Mr. & Mrs. and this time I used essie Ballet Slippers. You can use any pale nude color you already have in your collection. Don't feel like you have to have these specific colors!

OPI Mimosas for Mr. & Mrs. and essie Ballet Slippers
I started off with my base color, Ballet Slippers. I did three coats because it is a pale color but also because I found my second coat to be a little bit streaky.

Let that color dry for a few minutes before starting to use the top coat. The top coat I used is Sephora by OPI in the color Only Gold For Me (Jewelry Top Coats Collection). It's a clear top coat with fine and chunky pieces of gold glitter. Be patient with this part. I find that the chunky glitter is hard to attach to the brush and also hard to get it to come off of the brush.

Finished product
Gotta love a top coat that protects and enhances your manicure! I love this nail style because the color is subtle for work but also has a hint of fun with the glitter. Making it a great nail to transition into the weekend! Enjoy!

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