Friday Fingers! *Ombre*

Friday, March 8, 2013

This Friday I went with some fun spring/summer colors! I am completely over these cold, windy and snowy days. This week I went for the ombre look!

Teal and blue ombre nails

These nails were super easy to accomplish! First, pick a color for your base coat. I chose essie Turquoise & Caicos from the Resort 2010 line. Let the base coat dry. I used essie quick-e drops to speed up the drying process because some days I don't have any patience to let them dry naturally.

Essie Butler Please and Turquoise and Caicos

Then get a makeup applicator sponge. I got a small pack of four sponges from Target for less than a $1.50. I've seen a bunch of tutorials where they use the triangle ones but those come in a large pack and I don't do ombre nails that often. You're able to get multiple uses off each sponge.

Makeup applicator sponge
Paint a little portion of the sponge with your next color. I chose a darker color than my base so that it looks like the colors are really fading. My top color is essie Butler Please from the Winter 2012 line. Lightly dab the color on the tips of your nails. Keep adding polish to the sponge as you go. Once you the tips of your nails look opaque at the top it's time to go to the middle. Using the same sponge, don't reapply the color just continue to dab in the middle only getting a little bit of color to stick. Lightly reapply color to sponge when necessary.

After that you've completed the ombre nail! Time to celebrate do the other hand! Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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