Friday Fingers! *Essie Spring 2013*

Friday, March 15, 2013

We've made it through another week! I apologize for not putting put another blog entry this week. It has been crazy and last night was the only night I was home before 8 p.m. With that spare time I made dinner while getting caught up on Millionaire Matchmaker, did laundry (ugh!) and painted my nails for Friday Fingers!

I also made a trip to my favorite place on earth... Target! I ran into one of my past students and a reader of the blog, Jade (hey!), and she knew I was picking up some polish for my weekly blog post.

I am a huge fan of essie nail polish. I love their fun, vibrant colors but also their pale, sweet colors. Good news, it's a diverse collection. Bad news, I only own a small chunk of it. This week is again a post on essie. I picked up a new color from their Spring 2013 line.

Essie Hip-anema

The color is described as a poppy-bright red orange. I would have to agree. I must admit I am not a big fan of red or red orange nail polish. I don't really know why but it's not a color I reach for often. At first glance, I thought it reminded me of ole caliente (Spring 2012) which I already own. My intuition was correct!

Hip-anema (left), Ole caliente (right)

Ole caliente is slightly brighter than hip-anema. However, when you look at the two colors not under light it just very hard to notice the difference.

Overall, I was not impressed with the Spring 2013 collection. The pink shade, madison ave-hue, was going to be my purchase until I actually saw it. It has flecks of silver glitter in it. Which I have another pink shade (we're in it together...breast cancer 2012 collection) with flecks of purple glitter and the glitter winds up not showing. The only other color I thought about picking up was bond with whomever.

Have a happy Friday!

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