Activewear Haul

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I must admit I'm not a very active person. I would much rather lay in bed all day and watch TV or check movies off my Netflix queue. Just because I don't like to get sweaty doesn't mean the yoga pant isn't my BFF. When I get home from work I immediately get into a comfy pair of sweats.

The reason for this activewear haul isn't because I need anymore lounging around clothes though. I recently have become the assistant girls lacrosse coach. I know I'm not the sporty type. I'm the first one to admit I wore cashmere gloves to the first practice. Go ahead and laugh but my hands were super warm during the windy practice.

First up in the haul, Target. For those of you who don't know me, I make a WEEKLY Target trip. Yes, I know it's dangerous but someone has to be up on all the good deals. I follow the "targetdoesitagain" girls on Instagram and I would say they are mostly to blame for my weekly target excursions.

While on one of those adventures I came across this striking hot pink 1/4 zip lightweight jacket.

I tried to highlight all my favorite things in the pictures above. I love the lightweight feel of the jacket. The zipper gets tucked away under the flap of fabric so it doesn't rub your chin while your have it zipped all the way up. It has thumb holes if you want to keep your hand warm while you're running. Lastly, it's got a pocked on the lower back. This pocket is big enough to hold my iPhone 5 and house key. The price of the jacket is $39.99 and also comes in grey. This jacket looks like something from lululemon but at a target price!

Next, I hit up the Under Armour outlet store near me. I had a rather successful trip and made four purchases. While I love Under Armour I will say I didn't think the prices were outlet prices at all. However, I know the quality will make these products last for long time.

First up another performance jacket. Sorry, but I couldn't find any of the items on their online outlet to link.

Again, I love the lightweight and loose fit on this jacket. I can't wait to wear it with less layers underneath once it gets warmer out. It has the zipper cover again, a small pocket located in the back near the right side. However, this pocket only holds my key nicely. I could get my phone in there but it stuck out and looked awkward. It also features a reflector logo on the back for safety. The jacket was priced the same as Target, $39.99.

These sweats are going to be my new favorite on and off the field! These sweatpants are apart of UA's cold gear line. I love the dark grey color with the pop of bright coral/orange. While I love baggy sweats I often find them a bit too baggy on me. These are fitted but not too tight either...just right. I know elastic at the ankles turns people away but give these pants a chance! The pants are priced at $49.99.

It's not quite shorts weather yet but I saw these in clearance and had to pounce on them now. Nothing fancy here just your average pair of short that feature Under Armour down the left back thigh. The shorts were $7.97.

I am obsessed with Under Armour leggings. I have a pair of all black leggings that I even wear under long tanks and tunics when I go out. These leggings are shiny and have a pop of color on the side. They also made these in capri style. The leggings feature a pocket on the backside that enables you to put your house key/car key while you go and exercise. These were priced at $49.99.

Lastly, I stopped in at Old Navy to see if they had any affordable activewear.

The weekend I went to Old Navy the v-neck tees were buy 2 or more and each shirt would be $7.50. Each shirt was regularly priced at $9.50. I also picked up a pair of grey leggings. These are nice and will probably be worn during non-physical activity as well, just like my UA ones. The leggings were only $10 and also came in black and in capri style for the same price.

I hope you enjoyed my haul! I will have plenty more hauls to share as I am a shopoholic! 

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